When To Expect Them

When women first started to use Dr Kegel’s exercises on a regular basis to tighten their vaginas and increase their bladder control, they’d tend to see some clear, positive results after around 6 weeks of rigorous exercise. Men on the other hand always seem to notice the benefits of kegels sooner.

Not all guys progress at the same speed, so it’s not possible to say exactly when you’ll see results and what they’ll specifically be – however, it is possible to give a rough outline.

1-3 Weeks – After about 3 weeks on the beginner’s routine you should begin to notice your erections are harder and last for longer. As well as this, clamping your PC muscle while erect will pump more blood into your penis than it did before, making it even stiffer.

5-6 Weeks – When you’re about halfway through the intermediate routine, your PC muscle will, if you’ve stuck to the course so far, be up to 30% stronger and more toned. The signs of this will be: stronger erections and decreased “recharge” times, more powerful orgasms and increased

shooting distances of semen and (most importantly in regards to ejaculation control) a more highly tuned sense of self-awareness and orgasm prediction in your penis.

8 Weeks + – Once you’ve completed the first 2 months of the kegel course, you should be noticing all of the positive effects on your sexual health mentioned at the start of this chapter. Once again, the most important impact having your new and improved powerful PC muscle will have on your ability to control your orgasm will be in the sensing of orgasmic tension in your penis. You’ll find that as you progress through the remaining weeks of the course and after you finish the total 14 weeks, that you’ll automatically be much more able to hold back from an impending orgasm and last longer during sex.


Something that worries a lot of men and can even stop some of them from doing kegels is what I call positive set-backs. One such positive set-back is something you may notice after around 7 days of exercising your PC muscle using the beginner’s routine. You might notice your erections are slightly weaker or not as hard as they were before you started. This seemingly negative biological reaction to the kegels is enough for some men to be scared right off them.

However, all is not what it seems. If you find that your erection strength or ejaculation intensity feels weaker after about a week of doing kegels, don’t worry. It’s your body, or to be more specific, your PC muscle’s reaction to the new workload you’re giving it, in the form of kegels. It’s an initial “shock” to the PC muscle and causes it to feel and act weaker for a short period of time. What should happen is that this weakness disappears after another week or so of exercising and that a new, more powerful PC muscle emerges through such signs as stronger erections and more intense orgasms.

There is something else that should be mentioned though, and is often disregarded or ignored by some men who are looking for a “quick” fix when it comes to improving the function of their PC muscle – it’s over training. It is possible to work your PC muscle too hard and “strain” it temporarily, just as it is with practically every other muscle in the human body. Fortunately, you have the information you need to avoid this problem altogether, in the properly devised and tested kegel routines above. So, stick to them and see them through patiently, the rewards are guaranteed.


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