Unhealthy Lifestyles

Maybe you saw this one coming a mile of, maybe you didn’t. Either way, coupled together, your diet & health form one the most influential of all the factors that can affect your sex life.

To fully understand the importance of what you eat and your lifestyle choices, we need to look at them in a broader sense and not solely at how they relate to sexual stamina and performance. First of all, your diet. We all know how important having a healthy diet is. We have it drilled into us from a very young age. In school, college, in the workplace, TV campaigns, magazine features…eat well, live well.

Here are just a few aspects of our bodies and minds that are directly affected by our diets: Weight gain/weight loss, energy levels, our moods, stamina and endurance. You get the idea. Now, if the food we eat and the quantities we eat it in have such a huge effect on our health and how we feel, it’s a foregone conclusion that your diet and nutrition also influences your sexual performance and overall virility.

That’s why analyzing and Refining your current diet can be so effective in boosting your sex drive and performance in bed. Not to mention the massive benefits adding select and specific foods to your diet can have. We’ll cover all that a little later, but before we do we’ll look at how being unfit and not getting enough exercise can have a negative impact on you and your ability to perform well in the sack.

As well as your diet, your level of fitness can effect you in many ways. Some of the most important of the effects to address – in relation to sex – are stamina, flexibility and body image.

The type of stamina affected by you being unfit is very different from the type of stamina discussed throughout the rest of this manual. This type of stamina is more aerobic endurance than anything else. It’s what you need to run a marathon, walk long distances without needing to stop, and most importantly, keep going and going during sex. The other type of stamina, the type mentioned elsewhere in this manual, relates specifically to sexual endurance. I.E controlling when you orgasm and being able to prolong sex effectively.

Although in themselves they’re different, the two types of stamina are inherently linked when it comes to defining a great sexual performance.

You can’t perform really well in bed without having the proper balance of both sexual and aerobic endurance. Every guy has both, but in varying amounts. One guy might be able to physically keep going, keep pumping away and changing positions, without tiring and needing to stop, but be held back by an inability to control his orgasm. On the other hand, someone else might have excellent sexual control, be able to sense his orgasm approaching and effectively combat the problem, in turn resisting the urge to ejaculate while continuing to be pleasured. But he may be physically unfit, out of shape, so is unable to use his skill of prolonging sex without ejaculating because he’s forced to stop and get his breath back, or slow the pace right down – which can be just as much of a mood killer as stopping completely.

They are the two extremes, but hopefully you can see how the two types of stamina relate to one another, and how having a lot of one but a little of the other can hinder your sexual performance. That’s why finding a good balance of the two types of stamina, sexual and aerobic, is such a powerful and effective method of improving the way you perform in bed.

The two other effects of leading an unhealthy lifestyle and not getting enough exercise are flexibility and body image. It’s fairly obvious why being inflexible is a bad thing for when it comes to performing well in bed. Stiff muscles and inflexible limbs can make maintaining and changing sex positions harder than it would be if you are supple and flexible. This may not be a problem if you spend most of your time in Missionary, but when you think about it, being limited in the positions you can use and maintain by inflexibility is a huge hindrance, and can make great sex much more difficult to achieve.

I’m not saying that you need to be as fit as an Ethiopian marathon runner or as limber as a Russian gymnast to perform really well in bed. But having the basic fundamentals there in place, a decent level of fitness and the ability to be limber and flexible when it’s called for, can give you the edge – and ultimately, that’s what you’re looking for. You want to get to the point where you’re the best you can be, and you can only do that by covering all the bases to some degree. Fitness and flexibility included.

The final effect leading an unhealthy lifestyle has on your sex life is related to body image. Having that beer gut, the flabby chin or wobbly excess fat anywhere on your body can sexually hinder you in two ways.


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