The Pleasure Scale

Although not on the scale, for obvious reasons, it’s worth mentioning this non-level. This is the state you’re in whilst walking your dog, washing your car or doing any other non-sexual activity.

1. The start of sexual arousal. Although no physical signs may be evident (I.E. An erection), mentally the male is becoming engaged and sexually aroused.

2. The pleasure level of the male is raised and physical signs are present. At this point on the pleasure scale, foreplay has begun or is already in motion – kissing and touching.

3. Direct contact with the male’s penis happens, either through intercourse, oral sex or some other form of stimulation such as a hand-job.

4. The pleasure and arousal of the male continues to grow as he reaches his midway point.

5. Intercourse is now well underway.

6. The male passes the halfway point on the pleasure scale. He’s now fully aroused and sexual intercourse is in full swing.

7. Arousal levels accelerate and begin to move towards their peak.

8. Further increases in arousal, the male is close to entering the final stage of the pleasure scale.

9. The final point of the scale at which an arousal reversal or step-down (all covered later) is possible. This is the very peak of his sexual pleasure.

10. The Point of No Return. Once reached, this stage represents the end of sex due to the male reaching orgasm and ejaculating.

As well as the 10 levels above, the pleasure scale is broken up into 3 distinct phases of sexual arousal. These are:

-STAGE 1 (1-3)

Becoming sexually aroused

-STAGE 2 (3-8)

The arousal plateau

-STAGE 3 (8-10)

Arousal peak and PoNR

It’s separated into these three key stages to aid in the explanation of how you extend your sexual performance.

Here’s how:

In stage one (1-3), your preparation happens. You’re not yet engaged in intercourse or being directly stimulated by the female. We’ll come back to this stage in more detail a bit later in chapter 3, when we look at mind relaxation and anxiety-reducing breathing techniques.

Stage two (3-8) is the most important of the 3 in relation to extending sex. It’s the plateau stage. The goal is to maintain this level of arousal.

Stage 3 (8-10) is the resolution phase. It is here that your stimulation peaks and you reach the Point of No Return. To reiterate, the key is to remain in stage 2 and only transition into stage 3 when you’re ready. You achieve this control by using the techniques and approaches described later in chapters 3, 5 and 7. All you need to be aware of for now is how the pleasure scale works and how it relates to extending sex and holding back from ejaculation. In essence, it’s a simple way of setting out all the various phases of sexual arousal, and can be used to measure and adjust your own stimulation – thus, enabling you to extend your performance.

A key level of arousal, and one we’ve already mentioned a couple of times, is the Point of No Return. Before we move on any further, it’s important you know exactly what this term means.


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