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Once you’ve performed this exercise 4 or 5 times over a period of about a fortnight, once again double the total amount of time taken. For example, spend 20 minutes doing this exercise twice, instead of ten. Continue to double your session times and practise edging until you are spending at least 3 times longer on this exercise than you usually spend masturbating to orgasm.

pc muscle

Now, the second pleasure edging technique. Known as:


Basic edging, the exercise above, involves hovering at a high level of arousal for a few minutes, then lowering the pleasure level and starting again. Variable edging, this exercise, alternates the time spent at every level of arousal until orgasm is reached. This reinforces and builds your body’s ability to maintain an appropriate arousal level and, when necessary, to lower your level of arousal and continue sex.

The best way to describe how to do variable edging is in the form of a diagram, with a text description to follow. Take a look below.



1. Masturbate as usual, arousal influences are once again optional. Spend one minute hovering at level 2 on the pleasure scale.

2. After the one minute, continue to masturbate and climb the pleasure scale until you reach level 4, the beginning of the plateau stage. Spend 3 minutes hovering here.

3. Once the 3 minutes are up, continue to masturbate. Progress through levels 6 and 7 smoothly and steadily, without hovering at either for any real length of time, just as long as it takes to naturally move up through them.

4. At level 8, pause and hover for 2 minutes. Once the 2 minutes are up, you enter stage 2 of variable edging.



1. After the two minutes spent at level 8, masturbate until you reach 9. Be very careful here, as too much continue stimulation could push you past the PoNR. Spend 2 seconds at level 9 before cutting out stimulation and lowering your arousal level to 7. Once at 7, hover for 1 minutes.

2. After 60 seconds at 7, move into level 8 again and hover for 2 minutes.

3. When the 2 minutes at 8 are complete you can repeat the whole process from step one of this second stage. The longer you spend practising it, the better you’ll be able to control you ejaculation – it’s as simple as that.

All that hovering and level changing may seem like a real chore, but there a couple of things you can do to make it less boring or complicated. The first thing, is print out the stage 1 diagram and description of stage 2. Have them on hand when you perform variable edging so you don’t have to remember each level change and all the times associated with the changes. The second thing is to use a clock to time each step. This allows you to concentrate more on the control of each level and not on the timing in your head.

Another good thing to do is set aside pleasure sessions and practise sessions. I mean, masturbation is about enjoyment and not hard work or deep concentration.

Because of this, some guys prefer to have certain sessions for simply enjoying masturbation, and other to practice the techniques above. As long as the pleasure sessions last more than 5 minutes, they won’t have a negative impact on the practice sessions, so doing them side by side is fine.

The final technique we’re going to look at is:


You’ll recognise part of that name from an earlier section in the Mind Matters chapter. This technique uses a similar principle of lessening the importance of the final outcome of sex or masturbation and concentrating on the journey there instead.

pc muscle

Put simply, eyes off the prize edging is masturbation without ejaculation. That may sound a little ludicrous at first, as masturbation is generally about reaching orgasmic bliss at the end of it. But it’s this goal-orientated thinking process that intensifies our body’s need to orgasm quickly after only a few minutes of sexual stimulation. To perform this technique, simply set aside a few masturbation sessions where you climb the pleasure scale as normal but never pass level 9 or the PoNR. The session ends without ejaculation. That’s the simplest way to do eyes off the prize edging. A variation on that basic technique is performing exercise one in this chapter, but missing out the final part of step 5 – the resolution of ejaculation. Here a couple of points to bear in mind with using this technique to improve ejaculatory control.

• Once again, you don’t want to perform this technique every time you masturbate. As mentioned above, you can simply set aside a session or two a week where you finish masturbation without ejaculating.

• Don’t perform this technique for prolonged periods of time. Keep eyes off the prize edging sessions under 10 minutes, or you could find you have a slight (but harmless) case of blue balls at the end of it. ‘Blue balls’ is the slight ache you sometimes get in your testicles after long periods of stimulation without ejaculation.

Like I said, it’s harmless and fades after a little while.

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