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Kegel exercises were pioneered by Dr Kegel in the 1940’s to help women strengthen the inner walls of their vaginas, especially after giving birth. Not long after, it was discovered that performing the very same muscle strengthening and toning exercise increased a male’s ability to control and extend his performance in bed, bringing about all of the positive results listed above.

kegel exercise

Kegel exercises have become much more widely known among men in recent years. It’s one aspect of male sexuality that has been advertised in popular media to good effect. However, as with a few other male sex issues, the information hasn’t generally been put to its proper use. The most common thing that happens when men learn about Kegels and their huge benefits in relation to ejaculatory control is as follows.

They’re initially highly motivated by the prospect of seeing a vast improvement in not only their performance in the bedroom, but also in their general sexual health. They then give Kegels a shot, doing a basic Kegel routine every day for what they believe is maximum effect. After a week or so, they’re ready to see the amazing results they’ve read about! But wait, their erection strength, pleasure perception, and ejaculatory shooting distance all seem the same as they were before. In some cases, they actually seem to have become worse. There are two possible reasons for this. One: Kegels don’t work and strengthening the PC muscle has no benefits whatsoever. Or two: The guy has done what 90% of men who try kegels do. He’s not performed them properly, at the right times or for long enough. He’s missed out on the amazing benefits of a simple exercise by, probably through no fault of his own, not using them in the way Dr Kegel intended. You and I both know which of these two reasons is the truth.

That’s why in this chapter I’m going to explain every how, when and why of the Kegel exercise. You’ve got all the information the majority of men don’t have, all compiled into a simple to follow instructional plan. So let’s start at the beginning – locating your PC muscle.


I’ve already described where the PC muscle lies in your body – it cradles your internal sexual organs in a figure of eight shape, right? Correct. But just as being told that the remote control you lost 2 weeks ago is on the first floor of your house isn’t going to lead you to it in 2 seconds, neither is that biological explanation of your PC muscle’s location.

Here’s exactly how to isolate and pinpoint your PC muscle. If you don’t already know where your PC muscle is, do this the next time you go to the toilet to urinate.

• Begin urinating as normal.

• After a few seconds, stop the flow by doing the “clench”. It’s the same tensing action you use to control and tighten your anus.

• The muscle you just used to halt the stream of urine mid-flow is your PC muscle. Locating it is that simple.

• As well as using your PC muscle to stop and start your urine flow and tighten your anus, it’s also used to make your erect penis “bob”.

Tensing your PC muscle while erect results in your penis jumping momentarily towards your stomach.

As you can see, finding your PC muscle, once you know how, couldn’t be easier. Now let’s look at the Kegel exercise in detail.

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