The Kegel Course

Once you’ve completed all 14 weeks of the kegel course, you’ll have strengthened, toned and improved your PC muscle’s general health to a level you’ve not experienced before. Even without applying the techniques described earlier in this manual, and the ones that follow, you’ll be able to control your orgasm with much more accuracy and regularity than you could before.

To retain all of the positive effects having a strong and powerful PC muscle has on your sexual skills, it’s important you continue to perform Kegels on a regular basis. How often and using what routine is up to you.

Choose the rep numbers according to your past experiences


– you’re now in the position to pick and choose which types of kegels you use and what number of reps you do them for. To help give you an idea of a good kegel routine to use following the completion of the 14 weeks, I’ve put together a simple guide below.

kegel exercise

To keep your PC muscle in tip top condition and retain all of the sexual benefits having a strong PC muscle has on your performance in bed, you should do your customised routine for the rest of your adult life. That may sound like a long and boring prospect right now, but after the 3 month course you’ll have the experience to know that doing kegels can be easy and rewarding.

How easy did you find performing each kegel type


When putting your customised routine together, make sure you include all 5 kegel types. This will allow you to continue to tone your PC muscle fully and with the best long-term results.

Choose the rep numbers according to your past experiences with the kegel routines. How easy did you find performing each kegel type and in what numbers? Make sure the routine is intense enough to maintain the high level of fitness you’ve already attained, but not too intense that it’ll over train your PC muscle.

Typically, a customised routine won’t be much more intense than the advanced one above, as its purpose is to maintain the highest standard of PC muscle strength and not to encourage new development. The routine below is a good example of a customised routine that’ll do just that.

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