The Female Orgasms

There are some huge differences between the orgasms of men and female orgasms. Sadly, most men usually experience a single shot of ecstasy from their gurgling geyser and then are, for the most part, basically done, at least for a while, and usually in need of some rest afterwards. Not so for the ladies.

The Female OrgasmsWomen, on the other hand, often have to work a bit harder for their “climax,” but if they or their partner really know what they are doing, they can deliver a consistent stream, or ever increasing and ever more satisfying orgasms, until they just can’t take it any more. If you’ve ever been blessed with the opportunity of placing a woman in that state of affairs, there is no more beautiful look on a ladies face than the look of being completely “Cummed” out!

Therefore, it should become an imperative priority to as quickly as possible; learn exactly how to create the circumstances necessary for their lover to experience the full ride of the “Multiple Orgasm Roller-Coaster!” Sexual Masters can consistently deliver consecutive strings of climaxes, so intense and numerous that even the female herself will be unable to count them, or often even distinguish when one ends and the next begins.

The most common orgasm for females is the “Clitoral Orgasm,” which is brought about by the stimulation of the clitoris, often referred to as the woman’s “Sex Button.” This is usually the first way a woman learns to climax, through pubescent periods of self-discovery through means of manual manipulation, or occasionally some manual or oral stimulation from a well meaning “Experimental Partner, or the “Happy Surprise” that so many girls suddenly discover under the running waters of a warm bath.

How To Make Her Cum

The next most common female orgasm is the “Mons Pubis Orgasm” which is activated by firm pressure and shaking of the fleshy area just over the pubic bone, located between the female’s abdomen and vagina. Pressing into that area, and the wiggling the hands back and forth, in a rocking or shaking motion can create a very powerful ejaculatons in deed!

The “Vaginal Orgasm” is far more rare, and usually comes about when it is simultaneously joined by either clitoral or “Mons Pubis” stimulation. Remember that the mind is the most powerful erogenous zone in the body, so if she gets to thinking hot and sexy thoughts, she can cum simply with a phallus penetrating her vagina and nothing else going on at all.

The “G-Spot Orgasm” is the “Holy Grail” of woman climaxes. Almost all men, and most women do not know where or how to find the “Infamous and Mysterious G-Spot” and how to activate it, so we will be sure to cover that in Chapter 7, coming up.

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