The Clamp And Relax

As I just mentioned, you can’t go on pumping away during sex with a relaxed PC muscle without the orgasmic tension becoming noticeable at some point.

What keeping your PC muscle from contracting does is prolong the amount of time it takes for the tension to become evident and a problem. Once you begin to feel the strong pleasure sensations throughout your penis, and as you start to climb the pleasure scale more rapidly than you’d like, use this method of self-control.

As soon as you feel the first signs of strong orgasmic tension in and around your penis, clamp down hard with your PC muscle.

This will essentially kill the build-up of tension by forcing a PC muscle contraction. Hold the kegel squeeze for around 5 seconds then relax it and keep it relaxed. Don’t allow it to re-contract unless you feel it’s necessary in keeping ejaculation at bay.

Continue thrusting and pumping as normal. Resume using control exercise one, by focussing on keeping your PC muscle relaxed.

Repeat step 1 of this exercise when you feel the orgasmic tension return, this time tensing for slightly longer – around 7 seconds. Once again, return to using the first control technique.

Both of these PC muscle control techniques will be mentioned later on in the Sex Itself chapter, where all of the self-control information we’ve covered so far will be combined into a complete ejaculatory control approach. But before that, we’re going to go over a few techniques that, practised enough, will increase your ability to decide when you ejaculate even further.


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