Steak Your Sex Life On It

Steak contains two chemicals that naturally boost the levels of dupamine and norepinephrine in your body.

The higher level of these chemicals increases your sensitivity and self-perception during sex. This, as you know, allows you to better sense an impending orgasm and enables you to deal with it effectively in time. Steak also contains high levels of zinc.

Zinc is an influential mineral that helps boost your libido by reducing your body’s production of a hormone called prolactin. Prolactin can interfere with arousal sensations and your ability to perceive them accurately.

Best of all, red meat in general can help boost your body’s level of testosterone while limiting the production of SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin), a substance that can prevent blood flow to the penis and reduces male sexual stamina.


Staying on the subject of meats, Liver contains fertility boosting vitamin A. Scientific studies have shown that men who get plenty of vitamin A each day have higher sperm counts and perform better in bed than men who don’t.

Liver is also an excellent source of the above-mentioned zinc. Once again, getting enough zinc is very important. Every time you ejaculate, you lose 30% of your body’s daily requirements. Keep your zinc stores stocked!


Blueberries are nature’s alternative to Viagra. Firstly, they’re loaded with soluble fibre, which helps push excess cholesterol through your digestive system before it can be broken down, absorbed and deposited in your arteries. It’s also packed with compounds that help relax your blood vessels and improve circulation throughout your body.

The benefit of lower cholesterol and improved blood flow is more blood to you penis during sex and firmer erections as you get older.

Whack a handful of blueberries into a smoothie a couple of times a week to access the sexual benefits they contain.


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