Self-Awareness During Sex

The purpose of exercises A and B was to heighten your self-awareness and increase your ability to sense the individual levels of arousal laid out on the pleasure scale. In essence, to become completely familiar with the varying sensations you feel as you approach ejaculation. Exercise C builds on this principle to further that ability, allowing you to re-sense each stage and level of stimulation in a sexually orientated situation.

The chances are, you aren’t able to have sex directly after reading this exercise. For that reason, I’m going to list the key points first and then elaborate on exactly what you need to do when you’re next able to have sex.

There are 3 areas you need to focus on and pay attention to. These are:


Body Tension

Internal Pressure Sensations

We’ve already mentioned each of them briefly in the 2 previous exercises, but now you’re going to focus on them independently while

you actually have sex. By doing this – and by becoming accustomed to how each one changes throughout the 3 stages of sex – you’ll be able to better sense the approach of your orgasm. And, after reading the later chapters of this manual, combat ejaculation by both changing the above 3 body systems and by implementing some very effective arousal step-down techniques. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Here are the descriptions for the 3 body systems above and what you need to do the next time you get some action.


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