Seeing Red

You may not know it, but being really angry about something while you’re having sex can make you ejaculate much sooner than you would if you were calm and collected. It’s for a similar reason as above; your mind and body’s main function is taken over by negative emotion, making the control of your orgasm difficult.

Aside from the biological side of things, there’s another reason why being angry can impact your sexual performance. Something very important in a healthy and successful sexual relationship, as I’m sure you already know, is communication – both verbal and non-verbal. Communication both through words and physical signals such as eye contact and breathing rhythms, help keep the pleasure levels of both the male and female in-sync, and thus enable the male to better control and extend his performance.

Being really angry or upset creates a conflict within the communication, sometimes severing it completely. This puts the male’s breathing out of sync with the female, and generally unnerves him to the point of losing control and ejaculating.

Now, don’t get me wrong, having sex with a girlfriend after a big fight can often be more satisfying than at any other time. But it’s when the negative emotion reaches a peak, as I’ve just explained, that the male’s performance can suffer.


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