Point Of No Return When You Reach Your orgasm

Point Of No Return When You Reach Your orgasmThe Point of No Return, or PoNR, lies at the very end of the pleasure scale, at number 10. It represents the absolute peak of sexual arousal. The name itself perfectly describes its meaning. When you reach this level, there’s absolutely no turning back – your sexual fate is sealed, you reach orgasm and ejaculate. The sex is, to all intents and purposes, over.

The section we’re about to move into is all about detecting and realising your own personal levels of arousal. It’s all well and good seeing them described on the pleasure scale, but to truly understand it you need to actually feel each phase of stimulation as it approaches and passes. That’s why the PoNR is such a key aspect of holding back from ejaculation – it’s the finishing line you don’t want to cross until you’re absolutely ready tao do so. All of the techniques described in chapters 3, 5 and 7 – and for that matter – all of the info that follows this chapter is focussed on allowing you to stay under 10 on the pleasure scale and avoid crossing the PoNR.

Now we’ve cleared up exactly what the PoNR means, we can move onto the next essential section of knowing your body.

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