Personal Levels Arousal Step Down

Personal Levels Arousal Step DownThis sub-section is the first hands-on portion of the manual. The aim here is to help you become fully aware of your own unique levels of sexual arousal. It’s essential you get to know how you feel at each phase of the pleasure scale for when we get to the later chapters on changing your level of stimulation through the use of arousal step-downs.

Don’t worry about trying to hold-back or control when you ejaculate during the exercises that follow – this is an exploratory phase to help you get to know how your body is currently functioning. It consists of 2 exercises, both centred around masturbation. Then there is one further exercise that uses the same principles of getting to know your body’s reaction to certain levels of pleasure, except in the actual act of sexual intercourse. Let’s get moving with the first. The best thing to do here is read over each exercise before trying them out. Once you’re familiar with them and have a suitable amount of time, you can go ahead and give them a shot.

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