Natural Nutrition Boost Your Sexual Abilities

Natural Nutriton Boost Your Sexual AbilitiesIn the cause and effect chapter at the start the manual I told you how having a solid level of fitness and a healthy diet can both improve your day-to-day health and boost your sexual abilities in bed. In this chapter, we’re going to look a little deeper into the world of nutrition and how incorporating new foods into your diet can benefit you and your sexual  performances. The most commonly held belief among men is that there’s pretty much only one type of nutrition or chemical release that will have a positive impact on their sex lives – it’s Viagra. The thing is, that little blue pill is only useful for one thing, and that’s getting and maintaining an erection. It has no effect whatsoever on your sexual endurance, virility or the anxiety levels associated with premature ejaculation.

There is, however, one place where you can acquire the nutrition, vitamins and minerals that will boost your sexual energy, reduce nerves caused by sex and allow you to ultimately last longer in bed. Where? Nature’s drug store – from all natural, select foods that contain specific and effective substances that can do everything I just mentioned. There’s no need to shell out big bucks on a bottle of magic beans, or pay some whacko a massive amount of cash for the nutritional secrets that’ll have the positive effects I’ve listed. Nope, you just need to head down to your local supermarket.

The following 7 foods are known as superfoods for the simple fact that they are the absolute best things you can eat to help you out in the bedroom. Each contains different raw ingredients and each has a different effect on how you perform in bed and react to the sensations associated with sex. Let’s get going with the first.


Natural Nutriton Boost Your Sexual AbilitiesThe first of the seven superfoods is celery. “Celery?!” you’re probably thinking. Yes, I’m talking about that crunchy, stringy green stick favoured by dieters and vegetarians around the globe.

Celery contains high levels of two natural pheromones called androstenone and androstenol. When you chew it, odour molecules are released into your mouth. They then travel up the back of your throat and into your nose. Once there, they boost your brain’s arousal levels. This causes your body to send off signals and scents that make you more attractive to the opposite sex. I know that sounds insane, but it’s a simple case of anthropological biology, guys. Give it a try. Simply grab a salad full of this wonderful low-calorie, high-fibre stick of goodness before a big date or sex session to take advantage of everything it contains.

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