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Male Enhancement SurgeryIf an ‘endowed’ woman is someone with large breasts, then an ‘endowed’ man is someone with a large penis. Whether the concept is a myth or a fact would largely depend on your own perceptions but the root of this belief can perhaps be traced back to our tribal ancestors. Those were the days when men with large penile size were considered to be ‘heroes’ with incredible strength and power in their limbs and fire in their bellies.

They were considered to have the stamina to father many children and thus became the object of desire and admiration from the women in his clan. Even if the concept has died a natural death in modern times, the obsession for a large penis is still relevant both for men as well as women. So to acquire a larger ‘endowment’ men often opt for male enhancement surgery, or put more simply, surgery which enhances their penile length or girth.

The question of penis size is often viewed differently by men and women. Men universally say that having a large penis is paramount for having a good sexual relationship. Studies show that women, on the other hand, tend to change their viewpoint when asked about the question of penis size in public, versus what they say in private. Publicly, most women will affirm that it’s the male “technique” rather than the size that matters. Yet, when asked the same question in private, virtually all these same women say the opposite . . . size of the penis DOES matter.

So, what actually is the “average” size of the penis?

In a rigid state, the average size is 14-15cm in length (5.5” – 5.9”), and approximately 12cm (4.7”) in girth.

As for unusual sizes, it’s been reported that roughly one man out of 10,000 has a penis that is 25cm in length (9.8”) when erect. Approximately 3% of men have a 20cm penis (7.9”). About 15% of men have penises measuring seven inches. And the average male 75% have a penis measuring roughly 15cm in length (5.9”).


Man’s search for sexual satisfaction has led him to discover various methods and products such pills, patches and creams and exercises like jelqing and hanging. While these combination of old-fashioned and modern techniques have shown considerable results, there are men today who enlist the doctor’s assistance for a male enhancement surgery.

Clinics all over the world have been established to provide for this kind of male need. They have reported an increase in clients and men who are interested in their services.

Male enhancement surgery is an important male enlargement option available today. This treatment generally involves penile implant surgery and penis enlargement surgery (or phalloplasty).


The root (sic) of this discussion begins with primitive tribal customs and ancient beliefs that well “endowed” males had more strength and power, supposedly being able to sire the largest number of offspring—at least in theory—and hence were deemed more valuable to members of the opposite sex. Translation? Guys who were “big” supposedly got more females. And guys who were “small” . . . well, they got what was left over.

Penis enlargement is, even today, a very important issue to men and it can be divided into two different categories; methods that are largely temporary . . . and methods that enable permanent penis enlargement.

It’s been reported that there are varying degrees of success (or lack of success) with temporary methods—specifically claims from different groups including those from pill and herbal supplement makers, and vacuum devices. Our focus, however, is on permanent methods of penis enlargement, exclusively penis surgery, because in virtually every instance, penis surgery, or Phalloplasty, generally results in permanent gains in both length and girth.


7 surgical procedure types commonly used

The following are the seven most used male enhancement procedure types and how they dare implemented.

  • Penile lengthening or improvement of the penis length
  • Enhancement of the penile girth
  • Penile widening or size improvement
  • Penile implantation to add more size to the penis
  • Penis reconstruction especially if widening and lengthening can not be the lasting solution
  • Erectile and sexual dysfunction remedies to enhance performance
  • Curvature correction to correct the mode of erection


Since earliest times penis size has been equated to power, strength, virility, fertility, dominance and aggressiveness. Museums containing artifacts of early civilizations exhibit erect phalluses (penises) of extraordinary size. While no man wants a smaller penis, most men will not wish to undergo the expensive and inconvenience of penis enlargement, especially if their experience in the locker room or bedroom has been satisfactory. Other men are strongly motivated to seek penis enlargement. These patients fall into several categories:

  1. Those who truly have small penises (normal for Caucasians is 5 ½ to 6 ½ inches erect. For African-Americans it is one-half inch more. For Asians it is less.)
  2. Weight lifters and competitive body builders. Such men want their exhibition athletic supporters to bulge commensurate with their bulging arms, legs and chest.
  3. Men who feel uncomfortable exposing their penis in the locker room, shower room or bathroom.
  4. Men whose partners have made unfavorable reference to their penis size.
  5. Men who feel that a larger penis would enhance their desirability as a sexual partner.
  6. Men who say, “I just want to be the best I can be.”
  7. Men whose livelihood may be influenced by their penis size: actors, models, dancers, strippers.


Simply put, you are talking about thousands of dollars for male enhancement surgery.

You would be hard pressed to find any insurance companies at all that would be willing to foot the pill or even partially foot the bill as this is a classic example of what is defined as “cosmetic surgery.”

So you are looking at paying the entire bill for this costly surgery from your own offers and you better be prepared to pay thousands at the minimum.


Listen, I don’t care what any doctor tells you – anytime you go under the knife for anything, you are taking a risk. Now I know that a great number of surgeries are a necessity and save lives, however there is the other end of the spectrum where surgery is just never a good option and this is clearly at that end.

Sexual health and sexual performance are such delicate matters, and having male enhancement surgery where you willfully allow someone with a knife in their hand to cut your penis only increases the risk that you might end up permanently damaged for life, including being completely impotent.

I don’t know about you, but I am not willing to trade a couple inches of manhood for complete and utter lack of a sex life for the remainder of my time on earth.


While pills, potions, and lotions really aren’t an effective or proven method for male enhancement, there is one alternative that has clearly emerged as the most effective as well as the safest way in increase your penis size and it is done naturally. Its all about best penis enlargement pills.

The reasoning is simple. Earlier, I had mentioned that these pills would aid in gaining harder and longer erections. The readers might be aware of the fact that the sexual organ enlarges when blood is filled. For longer and harder erections, blood will be present within the member for extended time. In other words, additional blood flow and transportation of nutrients are facilitated over the course of time. The cells start developing at an accelerated manner and within months, the size of the member might increase by an inch or half.


Male Enhancement SurgeryTherefore, which is better – the penis enlargement pills or the surgical measures? Allow me to put the same question back to you – which one among these seem to be more viable or feasible? Of course, the male enhancement pills win hands down! By investing on male enlargement pills, you are doing a great favor to the body. You get to be a real man – premature ejaculation, loss of erection, loss of libido and a host of various other problems is history once you start consuming these male enhancement products! One will be able to choose from numerous products – manufacturers are coming forward with many products that fit the description.

So, before you opt to undergo such a procedure to improve you intimate life, why not give natural treatment a try first. You simply take an herbal supplement, and your body does the rest. In as little as 2-5 weeks, you and your partner should notice a significant difference in the frequency, quality, and size of your erections.

The herbs increase the blood flow to your penis during arousal. Then, the tissues in you penis will naturally grow to meet the change. Over a period of six months, your penis may increase in length by up to 3 inches and 1 inch in girth.

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