Just Breathe

There are 2 simple breathing techniques that can be used to keep your ejaculation at bay. They are:

Just BreathePreparatory Breathing

A breathing technique used before sex and during foreplay that prevents any negative mental or physical anxiety from arising and building.

Live Action Breathing

A simple breathing style that stops the build-up of orgasmic tension, while simultaneously keeping you calm and focussed.

Something you don’t want to do while having sex is recall a complex breathing pattern – in, then out, then deep, then shallow – that would only make things worse. That’s why the two breathing techniques we’re covering are kept simple and easy to remember. After some practice, youwon’t even have to consciously think about implementing them while you have sex – you’ll simply be able to reap their rewards: a longer and more fulfilling lovemaking session for you and your partner.

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