How to identify if you have a Peyronie’s disease?

Peyronie’s disease is one of the penile disorders men do not want to have

Penis EnlargementAfter all, there is probably no guy who wants to have something wrong down there. Peyronie’s disease refers to the disorder caused by scar tissue in the penis. It was introduced elaborately by Francois Peyronie more than two centuries ago. It is estimated that millions of men suffer from Peyronie’s these days. It does not choose an age but it is more common among men in their 50s. Men who are susceptible to plaque formation in other parts of their body are also more likely to develop the disease.

Peyronie’s is a chronic disorder. It means that it is not fatal and it would heal automatically after some time. The scar tissue or plaque will vanish after 12 months or more. When this happens, the signs and symptoms would also disappear.

It is easy to know if you have the Peyronie’s disease. The scar tissues forms in the tissue wall surrounding the erectile tissues. This is why the disease is felt more during erection. The blood flow is blocked by the scar tissues that’s why the penis bends, which is the most obvious sign that you have Peyronie’s disease. There is also pain in some cases.

The signs and symptoms as well as the progression of this disease vary from a man to another. Some men saw the disease progresses within several months while others reached the severe stage in just a few days. However, the basic sign that you have it is when your penis bends upward or downward during erection. Bending is due to the tissue in the middle of the shaft is corpus cavernosum. Note that bending due to blockade near the base is a different disorder.

If you have Peyronie’s disease, it is important to consult a doctor as soon as possible. In a study of 97 men suffering from the said disorder, 47 percent witnessed stabilization after inflammation was treated. There are also a few men with symptoms that disappeared out of the blue.  However, there are also men who needed to undergo a surgical procedure to get rid of the plaque.

It is easy to know if you have Peyronie’s disease. If you feel pain along the shaft and Penis Enlargement would bend upward or downward when you try to achieve erection, you probably need to visit your doctor. Unfortunately, the cause has not yet been determined so there is no way to come up with a good prevention plan.


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