How To Deal With Erectile Dysfunction

It’s the absolute scourge of modern day manhood, in these wild and crazy times of sensory overload, financial collapse and utter social confusion. It’s two words that, when combined in a sentence, and uttered out loud, can suddenly make a grown man cry and often can bring even the roughest and toughest dudes to their knees, in a weak and whiny whimper. Erectile Dysfunction is taking the “HORN” out of horny, and it’s time we take a serious look at what it’s all about and what we can do about it.

How To Deal With Erectile DysfunctionIt’s often referred to as “Impotence,” in most of the modern health magazines and even many of the medical journals, but really that is an severely overly generalized and imprecise term to use, because within that dramatically over-broad definition, lies not only the inability to attain and sustain an erection sufficient for the performance of a satisfactory sexual experience, but it also includes being sterile, unable to impregnate a female lover, as well as having a penis which consistently lacks any of the expected strength or vigor that would be expected from a man of that particular age and health.

Erectile dysfunction is quickly becoming one of the most common, and sadly, due to the unfortunate self conscious embarrassment that often goes along with it, one of the most commonly unreported and therefore, untreated male health problems in our modern world. It is estimated by the medical establishment that perhaps an excess of 30,000,000 men in the United States alone, are affected by Erectile Dysfunction, and that when you include Europe, Australia and New Zealand, the numbers grow well beyond 100,000,000.

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The most common contributing factors of Erectile Dysfunction are cigarette smoking, various medication, in particular those medications for high blood pressure, high blood sugars and mental and emotional depression, kidney failure, diabetes, obesity or just generally being out of shape, drug and alcohol abuse, anxiety and common communication problems at work or in the home. From my interviews with several doctors, as well as men who have experienced bouts with E.D., and managed to spring back from it (pun intended) and over-come (once again) the malady, the biggest culprit is often STRESS and a temporary lack of confidence, stemming from some situation that suddenly arises (Don’t tempt me!) in life to cause some inability to confidently achieve full erectile prowess. So don’t let your “head games” get in the way of your “HEAD” Games!

While sex is often considered a very private matter, often only discussed between you and your partner, if even that, you truly might well benefit from discussing this significant situation with your personal doctor or even a local general practitioner, who can run some simple tests, and then, perhaps working along with a urologist and maybe even a therapist, easily recommend a regimen that will quickly move you right back into that old feeling of being KING of your very own bedroom again!

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