How The Kegel Routine Calendars Work

As you may have already noticed, each routine has been assigned a colour. Red for beginner’s, blue for intermediate and black for the advanced routine. On the calendar below you’ll see each day of the week laid out along the top, with the week number listed on the left hand side. Within each day is a block of colour, in this first calendar they’re red to represent the beginner’s routine. The number of blocks in each day represents how many times a day you perform the routine. 1 block for once a day. 2 blocks for twice a day etc.

How The Kegel Routine Calendars Work


Here you can see that the beginner’s routine explained earlier is performed twice a day every other day for a month, with a week off after the 4 weeks has been completed.


For the second month of the course, you perform the intermediate routine once a day for two days in a row starting from Monday, with one day’s gap separating each group of two days. Once again, there’s a one week resting period at the end of the month.


For the third month of the course, you perform the advanced routine every other weekday, with Saturday and Sunday as rest days.


The calendars’ primary use are to allow you to record each routine you perform, and avoid losing track of where you are in terms of the PC muscle development course. Here’s the best way to do this:

1. Print out all three of the routine descriptions – beginner, intermediate and advanced. You can then either memorise what each one consists of, or better yet, simply fold up the print-outs and keep them handy (in your wallet, coat pocket, or in the bathroom cabinet, anywhere they’ll be accessible for when you come to performing your kegel routines).

2. Print out the following calendar that has all of the routines laid out, along with the appropriate weeks down the side. Either pin it up somewhere, or keep it safe with the routine descriptions. Then, as you progress through each day and week, cross them off. It may seem a little obsessive, but it’s this easy to track approach that thousands of men have lacked and in turn why they’ve been forced to give up on improving the strength and overall health of their PC muscles.


The beauty of kegels and kegel routines is that, unlike so many muscle improvement exercises, they can performed practically anywhere and at any time during the day. This makes constructing your own practical and enjoyable routine times easy, as you can perform them around your life schedule. Here are some of the best times and places to do your routines:

• WHILE TRAVELLING. Whether it’s on the bus or driving in your car, performing your routines while on the move is a great idea. For example, driving to and from work each day is already an integral, established part of your daily routine. Because of this, it’s easy to incorporate the kegels into that part of your day and associate going to and from work with your routines.

• BEFORE YOU GO TO SLEEP When choosing when to perform your routines, it’s important that you focus on times that you spend not doing anything too complex or in a rush. For example, after you wake up you’re usually in somewhat of a rush. Getting dressed, having breakfast and shaving are all activities where concentrating on performing a kegel routine simultaneously would be difficult. Opposite to those hecticcircumstances is the time before you go to sleep at night. If you’re the kind of person who goes to bed and falls asleep almost immediately, simply set aside 20 minutes at the end of you evening, go to bed a little earlier, and perform your routine in the quiet, relaxed atmosphere of your bedroom. This way, you’re fully able to concentrate on the form of your kegels, the rep lengths, and generally completing the routine properly.

How The Kegel Routine Calendars Work

• ON THE TOILET. Another time when you tend to have a few free minutes is when you go to toilet. It’s also something that happens, or should happen, at least twice a day in one form or another. This means, just like with driving, that associating this time with your routines makes remembering to do them easier and less of a hassle.

• BEFORE, AFTER OR DURING MASTURBATION. There’s more to this one than it just being a convenient bit of free time. Exercising your PC muscle after ejaculating and when it’s already tired makes the kegels much more effective at targeting new development and in toning the PC muscle thoroughly.

So, there are a few times when performing your kegel routines could be convenient and easy to remember. However, you may prefer to simply set aside some time in the morning, evening or afternoon to sit down and focus entirely on completely your routines fully and with good form. Do what suits your schedule best and what you think will ultimately allow you to stick to the calendars and routines for the full 14 weeks.

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