How does an erection work and why do they happen spontaneously sometimes

Penis EnlargementDo you know how erection is achieved? Have you ever thought how they happen spontaneously at times? Did you know that a man can even have an erection after death?

Getting an Erection

Erection is the term used for the state of penis enlargement where the two corpora cavernosa are filled with blood. To put it simply, the blood that fills the two groups of tissues make the Penile erection and longer.

Blood fills in the corpora cavernosa usually with sexual stimulation. A man can also get an erection during erotic dreams. Erection can also happen with mechanical stimulation or when the bladder is full.  As for the erections after death, this is due to the fluids or gases that increase the pressure in the penis.

For most, an erection is crucial to sexual intercourse. You may have achieved erection a couple of times but cannot actually describe what is happening so here it is. When you are sexually stimulated, the muscles around the penis relax and allow blood to fill the groups of tissues in your penis.

Erectile Dysfunction

It is very simple but why do some men have a hard time getting or maintaining an erection? Erectile dysfunction is a very common penile disorder. Normally, the main culprit is the sympathetic nervous system. If you are stressed out, there is a chance that you may not be able (or have a hard time) getting an erection. Stressors obstruct signals to the parasympathetic nervous system, which activates penile erection.

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