Finding And Stimulating the G-Spot

For thousands of years, philosophers, doctors and lovers alike, debated and argued over the very existence of the G-Spot. It was known to the Sexual Masters as the “Magic Mound,” within the woman’s love canal, that could, when expertly activated in just the right way, set the female off in a long string of seemingly stronger erections and powerful orgasms. In the year 1950, Dr. Ernest Grafenberg did all of us a huge favor, scientifically proving what was once merely myth and legend. Biology met Sexology, Anatomy met Philosophy, and the physical existence of the “G-Spot,” short for the “Grafenberg Spot,” became a veritable, undeniable fact of modern medical science!

Finding And Stimulating The G spotSo where is it and how can you find it? Glad you asked! Assuming that the woman is laying on her back, with her face up, perform the following, simple, step-by-step procedures and you have enhanced sexual performance. After sufficiently warming your woman up with proper and well-timed “Foreplay” techniques, gently begin by pushing your well-lubricated index and/or middle finger approximately two inches deep, into her vaginal canal. Slowly begin to turn your hand in such a way as the palm is now facing up.

With the rest of your hand clenched into a fist, your palm up, and your knuckles down, begin to move your finger(s), in such a way, as if you are lightly scraping at the vaginal wall with gentle, fleshy part of your finger tip(s), approximately 2 inches inside her vagina, and about 2 inched below her belly button, keeping in mind, that the size and location will vary to some degree with each woman.

Finding And Stimulating The Clitoris

The move is very similar to the traditional hand signal given by a teacher, parent or authority figure, when they are calling a child to them. Continually curling the finger back to the fist and then extending it out again, in a pointing manner, over and over again As if saying to someone: “COME HERE,” with a hand gesture.

Try to really sensitively feel with your fingertips, for a slightly leathery, semi-rough, and sponge like mound of flesh. It is a soft rubbery bump, in the frontal wall of the vaginal canal, just about the same size as a nickel. Once you’ve found it, the fun begins, because as you play with it, rub it, shake it, wiggle, vibrate and press more firmly into it, the “G-Spot” becomes increasingly stimulated and will swell up with increased blood flow and enlarge itself in size, just like a penis during an erection.

A gland in there activates some tremendous sexual stimulation for the woman, and leads to intense and often multiple male orgasms. Simply watch for her responses, and continue to gradually increase the pressure and intensity of the manipulations. She will soon be climaxing like crazy! Fear Not! Often there is a discharge of liquid-like ejaculate semen, clear or slightly milky white, which is totally normal and healthy, and is not pee, don’t worry. However, she may feel like she has to pee after the event, also normal.

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