Erectile Dysfunction Dialog

Simon Ellison, 35, faced and overcame one of men’s worst nightmares – erectile dysfunction or impotence. Ellison has been impotent since he was 29. He is now divorced but he was married when he discovered that he is suffering from impotence.

He blames suffering from erectile dysfunction on his job, which he describes as enjoyable but stressful. He works in the Navy and it takes a lot of his time.

Penis EnlargementLike almost every impotent man, Ellison feels that he is very weak. His confidence level fell until his marriage started to suffer. At the same time, he was also terrified and angry. He was asking why him? “It felt like a part of me had died,” he recalled. Moreover, Ellison was also worried about his wife, Mandy. He wondered if she would notice.

Fortunately, Ellison is the type of person who will not step back when challenged. Although he got weak and scared when he learned that a part of him does not work, he knew that he needed to do something.

He admitted that dealing with erectile dysfunction is so hard especially at first. He said that the first step to combat this condition is to accept it; acceptance that there is something wrong and needs to be fixed. He then talked to his wife, who has been so supportive. She also reassured him that impotence does not matter. Mandy would even accompany Simon to a counselor.

Counseling made Ellison realize that he is not the only one with such condition. He also learned the next step to take. The couple conducted online research and read about Viagra. They did not purchase the drug right away. They consulted his doctor for 10 years first. The doctor has been helpful. He explained the pros and cons of using Viagra. He also conducted tests to know if Ellison will be fine taking the pill.

The doctor warned him that it might not work but the couple wanted to try it as soon as they can. Ellison described the first night they had sex after learning that he has erectile dysfunction as a second honeymoon. Luckily, Viagra indeed worked. His confidence level went up again.

After more than a year, Mandy and Ellison got divorced but it was not because of his impotence. In fact, they are still friends. Ellison now has a girlfriend who is 4 months pregnant.

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