Is She a Lez-Bi-Experimenter

So many dudes contact me with absolute panicked questions about their girlfriends or wives when they catch them flaying just a tad bit too friskily with their girlfriends. Is she a Dyke? Holy Shit, my wife is a carpet licker! Damn, she never told me she was GAY! Hold on, Hold on, calm down. Look […]

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How To Get Her To Try Anal

If you are like most reasonably adventuresome, sexually active men out there, in this carnally charged culture of ours, then surely the thought has, at least entered your mind, to try anal sex, right? Absolutely! So what’s the hold up? Well, for most guys, it’s getting the woman or women in their lives, to agree […]

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Seems like only yesterday, that all the conversations in the world of adult sexual education centered around the subject of youth? Why men were so desperately attracted to youth, as if by a muse, that lured them to their very own destruction, if not social castigation and personal and reputational embarrassment. Then something amazingly outrageous […]

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Getting In Touch With her Inner Slut

Over the centuries, women have had to mask and conceal their true sexual nature; in order to more closely adhere to the cultural expectations and dogmatically decreed illusions of what it supposedly means to be a lady. This has led to many long and painful years of females being forced to pretend to achieve some […]

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Games People Play

Life’s a funny thing isn’t it? We all have things that make us happy and things that make us sad, things that make us sick to our stomachs and things that make us horny as hell. Surprisingly enough, the latter is what I have chosen to write about today. Party Games are nothing new, we […]

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