Masturbation With No Other Arousal Boosters

Exercise A spaces out the arousal levels – Its progression through each stage is slow and steady. Exercise B, on the other hand, begins and ends much more abruptly, but has a longer, more drawn out plateau stage. This difference in pacing is what allows you to sense and re-sense each level of arousal – […]


Masturbation Arousal Boosters

Once again, ensure you’re in a calm atmosphere for this exercise, with nothing around that’ll distract your attention. As I just mentioned, the main difference between this exercise and the first one is the inclusion of extra arousal boosters. Your aim is to speed up the masturbation session and quicken your approach to ejaculation. Unfortunately, […]


Arousal Level Boosters of Sexpills

This first exercise in discovering how each stage of the pleasure scale feels, uses nothing except you and your penis. That means no porn, no lube (unless absolutely necessary) and no sexual partner even in sight. Find a good place to carry out this technique. A relaxed environment that’s quiet and private is best. Usually […]


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