Finding And Stimulating the G-Spot

For thousands of years, philosophers, doctors and lovers alike, debated and argued over the very existence of the G-Spot. It was known to the Sexual Masters as the “Magic Mound,” within the woman’s love canal, that could, when expertly activated in just the right way, set the female off in a long string of seemingly […]

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The Female Orgasms

There are some huge differences between the orgasms of men and female orgasms. Sadly, most men usually experience a single shot of ecstasy from their gurgling geyser and then are, for the most part, basically done, at least for a while, and usually in need of some rest afterwards. Not so for the ladies. Women, […]

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The Sexual Benefits Of Natural Nutriton

In the cause and effect chapter at the start the manual I told you how having a solid level of fitness and a healthy diet can both improve your day-to-day health and boost your sexual abilities in bed. In this chapter, we’re going to look a little deeper into the world of nutrition and how […]


Masturbation With Added Arousal Boosters

Exercise B is similar to the one you’ve just read, but it serves a slightly different purpose. While exercise A allows you to gauge your level of arousal, it’s not enough on its own to allow you to become truly familiar with your body and what each stage of sexual stimulation feels like. Exercise A […]


Steak Your Sex Life On It

Steak contains two chemicals that naturally boost the levels of dupamine and norepinephrine in your body. The higher level of these chemicals increases your sensitivity and self-perception during sex. This, as you know, allows you to better sense an impending orgasm and enables you to deal with it effectively in time. Steak also contains high […]


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