Strengthen Your PC Muscle

Strengthen Your PC Muscle The male’s ejaculation is governed most strongly by contractions of the urethra, prostate and the muscles at the base of the penis. In addition to working your prostate overtime by the Extended Sexual Stimulation tip earlier (on page 8), you can also develop the muscles at the base of your penis […]

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Using Kegels for Stronger Orgasms

There are guys who are not easily satisfied with their orgasmic states. Most often, what they want is a more intensified climax with more cum and stronger and lasting ejaculation. However, for some reasons, men gradually lose their orgasmic power, which in turn diminishes their sexual performance and enjoyment, their partners’ satisfaction, and low self-esteem. […]

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When To Expect Them And What They’ll Be

When women first started to use Dr Kegel’s exercises on a regular basis to tighten their vaginas and increase their bladder control, they’d tend to see some clear, positive results after around 6 weeks of rigorous exercise. Men on the other hand always seem to notice the benefits of kegels sooner. Not all guys progress […]


The Kegel Exercise And Its Variations

There are 5 types of Kegel. Each variant tones and develops your PC muscle in a slightly different way – used together in the right fashion, they provide a full PC muscle workout. The 5 types are: • Standard Clamps • Squeezes • Stair Steps • Flutters • Push-Out Kegels Now I’ll explain them in […]


The Kegel Course

Once you’ve completed all 14 weeks of the kegel course, you’ll have strengthened, toned and improved your PC muscle’s general health to a level you’ve not experienced before. Even without applying the techniques described earlier in this manual, and the ones that follow, you’ll be able to control your orgasm with much more accuracy and […]


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