Building That Barrier

I know this may sound obvious, but the more often you have sex, all things being equal, the better your control will be. The longer you go between sex sessions, the more aroused you’ll be when you do get around to doing it again. And, because of that heightened arousal, the more easily you’ll be stimulated to orgasm.

Even if you climax through masturbation or oral stimulation, the mental and emotional arousal of sex is still likely to reduce your stamina control after a break. So, do it whenever you can. There’s no need whatsoever for you to abstain from sex while you build your PC muscle’s strength, or even as you practice other control techniques. You can have sex alongside anything in this manual to help you improve your ejaculatory and arousal control.



Another way to decrease the excess friction of sex is by using extra thick condoms to increase the barrier between your penis and your partner’s vagina. Something some guys try and do is put two condoms on to double the thickness of their protection. You’d think that’d be twice as safe and create half the friction, right? Well, it may decrease the friction significantly (if not too much), but it’s risky. Wearing two at once can create an air pocket between the condoms and cause one or both of them to break. That’s not something you want to happen, for so many reasons. Instead, if you like the idea of reducing the friction while retaining the safety of a condom. In fact, I recommend you try these condoms; they are extremely effective at helping to delay the Orgasmic process and are much better than all of the other brands I have tried.

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