Beginner’s Routine of kegels To Make PC Muscle Stronger

Beginner’s Routine of kegels To Make PC Muscle Stronger This routine is the first one featured in the course and is used for a total of one month. It has been constructed using two types of kegels, the standard clamp and squeezes.

As well as the types of kegels used, the rep numbers have also be carefully chosen to provide a workout that’s intense enough to initiate new development in The PC Muscle, but not so intense that it’ll strain or over work the muscle.

It is essentially an introduction to the new exercise your PC muscle will experience over the entirety of the course and allows it to slowly build up a resistance to the kegels and in turn become stronger and more powerful.

25 Standards Clamps lasting half a second each, to be performed in quick succession. You should aim to complete the 25 clamps in about 12 seconds.
3 squeezes that last five seconds each with a 2 second relaxation gap between each squeeze. Aim to complete the 5 squeeze, including the resting gaps, in around 20 seconds.


As well as doing the right kegels and the correct number of reps, there are a couple of other things you should do to make the routine more effective.The first one is to focus on the form of your kegels. Really make each one count, tensing as hard as you can whether it’s a clamp or a long squeeze. The harder you tense your PC muscle on each rep of a kegel, the more your PC muscle will be targeted and toned. Try to isolate your PC muscle as much as possible and work it independently of your other muscles. This means avoid tensing your abs, thighs and buttocks.

The second thing you can do to improve the effectiveness of your kegel workouts is use a clock to time your kegel reps. When doing quick clamps, using a clock isn’t really practical. But for the longer rep times, when doing squeezes, push-outs and stair steps, have a clock in view to time yourself. Many men don’t do this and inadvertently shorten their rep times because of the strain their weak PC muscles are feeling. Use a timepiece to make each rep last as long as it needs to, make each one count.


Once you’ve completed the first month of the course using the beginner’s routine, you’ll be ready to progress onto this intermediate kegel routine. It has two differences that work together to both increase the routine’s intensity and target new development in the PC muscle now it’s been conditioned to the exercises. You use the intermediate routine for a further month.


50 Standard Clamps lasting half a second each, performed in quick Aim to complete the 50 clamps in around 30 seconds.
5 Squeezes lasting 10 seconds each, with a 5 second gap between Aim to complete all 5, including resting gaps, in about a minute a half.
1 Stair Step. First, tense your PC muscle for 1 second, then release, then tense for 2 seconds and release. Continue incrementally until you reach 10 seconds. Resting gaps between each clamp/squeeze should last 2 seconds. By the end of the stair step, you’ll have tensed your

PC muscle for a total of 55 seconds, so including rest gaps, aim to complete the stair step in about 1 minute 20 seconds.

2 Push-Out kegels lasting 5 seconds with a gap of between 2 seconds.

Beginner’s Routine of kegels To Make PC Muscle Stronger ADDITONAL NOTES

By the time you reach the intermediate routine, you’ll have been performing kegels every other day for a month. Your PC muscle will be stronger and more capable of performing this routine than it is right now, at its average state of development. Because of this, don’t worry if the amount of kegels contained in this routine seems a lot – by the time you reach this stage, you’ll know you’re ready to progress and further your PC muscle’s health.

Once again, focus on keeping good kegel form by making each rep count and by timing all of the longer kegels on a clock to cut out the chance of doing them for too long or not long enough, something which happens frequently to men who count in their heads.

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