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Erectile DysfunctionTherapy

There are several reasons for which Erectile Dysfunction Therapy might occur which is today one of the major sexual disorders faced by men. Apart from physical factors, psychological causes also often lead to the erectile dysfunction in men which many men are not aware of. As the problem has become common, the treatment options available […]

Shock Therapy to Cure Erectile Dysfunction

A recent study says that a shock therapy to your private parts can actually restore erection. Before you get a shock after reading the above line, be informed that these are just low energy sound waves and it does not hurt your private parts. This study has found out that a shock wave to your […]

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – Sudden Erectile Dysfunction – What Are the Causes and Cure?

If you’re a man and suddenly lost your ability to have an erection then don’t be scared. You’re probably having an erection dysfunction. Erection dysfunction (ED) is when you’re unable to have an erection when you’re having sex. There are numerous of psychological, physical and medical reasons why you’re having this torment, the same way […]

Impotence Erectile Dysfunction – Don’t Go for Self Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is a problem mostly occurring in older men in which they find it difficult to get an erection or when they do get an erection they find it difficult to hold it long enough for a satisfying sexual intercourse. Though this problem occurs more in older men it can happen at any age. […]

Erectile Dysfunction Surgery

Is Erectile Dysfunction Surgery Worth the Cost – Critical Things to Consider Before You Decide Has your doctor recommended you get Erectile Dysfunction Surgery? For many men this method of fixing ED is a last resort. You might have tried many remedies that haven’t worked so far but should you really get the surgery? First […]

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