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Longer Sex For Men

How to Make Sex Last Longer – Crucial Advice For Men

longer sex for men

A lot of guys have the problem of going too soon. They don't want to have an orgasm that quickly, but for some reason their bodies just don't agree with their minds. Once it has been done, you are left incredibly embarrassed and your girl is left disappointed. Although she plays it off like it is no big deal, deep down she is disappointed and sexually frustrated. You want to be able to please her but you can't last over a few minutes.


If you want to make longer sex for men, then there are a few things that you can do. The reason that a lot of guys experience premature ejaculation is because they are far too excited for sex. If you have all of this built up excitement all it is going to take is a few thrusts and it is game over. If you masturbate a few hours before you have sex, you will relieve all of this tension and it is going to take you longer to have an orgasm the second time round.

longer sex for men


Another tip that guys can use to make longer sex for men, is to use more foreplay on your girl. If you take your time at satisfying her needs before sex, then she won't even realize that it is over so quickly. Take your time on her and get her as excited as possible so maybe she will be the one to have an orgasm first. Also, you can wear thicker condoms that will cut the stimulation you feel in half. That way, the sex is still pleasurable for the both of you but you won't be feeling that going too soon sensation anymore.

Premature ejaculation is a problem that plagues a lot of men. It destroys your self esteem because it makes you feel like less of a man. You constantly worry about your girlfriend leaving you and that is no way for any guy to live. There is a way to help you last longer in bed so you can blow your girl's mind!

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