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Better Sex For Women – Communication, Variation and Navigation

It is important for both sexes to understand that better sex for women differs from what constitutes better sex for men. The reality is that a woman's pathway towards arousal is vastly different and she has different needs for sexual fulfillment.

Better Sex For Women

So what does better sex for women entail?


Firstly, women thrive on the kind of emotional connection and intimacy that can only stem from good communication in and out of the bedroom. Women are more likely to open themselves up to fully enjoy sex if they feel that they are on the same wavelength as their partners. They want focused attention, eye contact and shows of affection. They want to be talked and listened to. First class communication makes a woman feel safe enough to give herself fully to her partner, which means great sex for him too.

Better Sex For Women


Better sex for women also requires variation in sexual techniques. The old in-out, in-out is not enough to satisfy a woman for very long – so make sure to experiment with a variety of stimulation practices, sex positions, sex games, and sex toys. Old-fashioned romance has made a comeback, so think of different ways to get romantic. True romance is a sure-fire pathway to get women in the mood for sensational sex.


Women are turned on by men who know how to navigate their way around a female's body. Women take time to get aroused and need adequate, prolonged foreplay to move towards orgasm. Initially it can be very arousing for a woman to be touched everywhere except her genitals. There-after a genital massage, including indirect and direct clitoral stimulation is the way to go.

So what are the benefits for men? Better sex for women leads to more sex for men!


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