Arousal Step Down Techniques For Great Sexual Performance

Arousal Step Down Techniques For Great Sexual PerformanceAn arousal step-down technique is anything you do to lower your arousal level without stopping sex and cutting out you and your partner’s sexual stimulation. The world’s simplest arousal step-down technique would be to simply pull out of the female and twiddle your thumbs until you’re back at a safer level on the pleasure scale. But for obvious reasons, that’s neither practical nor pleasurable for either you or the woman you’re with. There’s no point in stopping sex to avoid premature ejaculation, because it’s essentially the same thing as coming too soon – whether you orgasm too soon or sit there in inactivity, you’re not having fun, you’re not putting in a great sexual performance.

The following arousal step-down techniques give you the ability to lower or maintain your arousal level and avoid leaving the plateau stage of the pleasure scale…all without stopping sex and without ceasing to pleasure the female.


This is a good place to start, seeing as we’ve looked at a few of the best and worst positions in regards to arousal control and male/female pleasure. Arousal step-downs, in a way, take place behind-the-scenes as far as the female is concerned. It’s you who initiates arousal control techniques such as breathing and PC muscle control methods, after all. This technique is the same. Changing your sex position does two positive things:

1. It Makes you appear dominant and confident in your sexual abilities. Women love guys who take control every now and then in the sack. Being bold and brave enough to casually withdraw from the female and initiate a change in sex position is a simple and straightforward way of establishing the sexual confidence women love to see and experience.

2. Most importantly, it gives you the chance to lower your arousal levels. For example, you’re in some position or another and begin to feel yourself creeping above 7 on the pleasure scale. Thing is, you’ve only been making love for 2 minutes and really don’t want to be exiting the plateau stage. So, you make a position change. You confidently dismount, pull-out or do whatever you have to do to get out of the current position. This gives you a good 4 or 5 seconds of absolutely no penis stimulation and is often enough to lower your arousal to a safer level. Then, you enter a new position, one that has a high arousal control and pleasure rating – such as cowgirl, reverse cowgirl or good doggy. The time out of her vagina, coupled with the new, less intense but equally pleasurable change in position is enough to return you to the safety and comfort of the plateau stage. Once there, you’re able to resume sex and pleasure the female, with her none the wiser of the arousal step-down you just performed.

Here’s an example of a position transition from a low-level arousal control rated position (Missionary) to a high-level arousal control rated position (Cowgirl).

1. You begin in Missionary. When, probably after 2 or 3 minutes, you start to feel your arousal levels rise above 7, you initiate the position transition. Do this by making your partner aware of the change (you could whisper in her ear for example, while kissing her neck – work it into the sex if you can).

2. Roll over to your left or right slowly so the female is now on top of you, while you lie on your back underneath.

3. Once there, you can either remain in that transition stage and continue sex (it’s known as Flat Out and has a high arousal control rating) or you can guide the female’s legs up to your sides. Then the female sits up to form the cowgirl position.

Arousal Step Down Techniques For Great Sexual PerformanceThat’s one good example of an effective arousal step-down through a change in sex position.

There are many, many ways to change positions smoothly while both performing an arousal step-down and making sex more interesting and pleasurable. A good way to learn some more transitions as well as new, powerful sexual techniques is to get your hands on a book on the subject such as the Kama Sutra (although it’s very outdated), or better yet, a comprehensive online manual such as Orgasmology (my recommended online sex guide for men – I’ve tried most of the others and found that the vast majority of them are offering outdated information that is freely available elsewhere on the net).

Now, onto the next arousal step-down technique


If changing positions is impractical, or simply something you don’t want to do because you and your woman are enjoying the current position too much, you can use an alternative arousal step-down technique to take control of your pleasure level.

This technique uses the art of teasing to both stimulate the female and simultaneously allow you to take a short break from the constant stimulation of thrusting. Here’s how to do it.

When, during intercourse, you’re once again peaking a little too early in terms of your state of arousal, slow the tempo of your thrusts down and casually pull-out of her vagina. Continue to caress her using your mouth to take the attention away from her nether regions. Then, after a couple of

seconds, slowly and sensuously glide back inside her. Do this a couple more times, pullout…and teasingly glide back in. Once you feel you’re back at a better level on the pleasure scale, resume thrusting with slow, deep strokes. Don’t go from teasing to pumping like crazy in 2 seconds, because the two styles contrast too much. Simply build the tempo gradually.

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