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This first exercise in discovering how each stage of the pleasure scale feels, uses nothing except you and your penis. That means no porn, no lube (unless absolutely necessary) and no sexual partner even in sight.

Arousal Boosters-Continue to Masturbate As NormalFind a good place to carry out this technique. A relaxed environment that’s quiet and private is best. Usually that’s the bedroom, but a locked bathroom can work just as well. Sitting upright in straight-backed chair (no slumping), begin to handle your penis as you would at the start of any masturbation session. This point marks the start of the pleasure scale, at level 1.

When you’re fully erect, take note of how you feel. What’s your breathing like? Which muscles in your body feel the most tense? Begin to masturbate at a moderate, but not overly fast speed. As you continue, your arousal level will begin to rise, until you reach an important state of arousal – the plateau stage (3-8). In masturbation, you usually enter this phase after 2-3 minutes of becoming erect and after direct stimulation of your penis has begun. Take your time and “feel” each level of arousal throughout your body as you progress up the scale. Once again, pay attention to more than the internal pressure sensation in your penis by focussing on whole body sensuality. That means thinking about a variety of different aspects, including the speed at which you’re breathing and how tight or tense the many muscles in your body feel.

Continue to masturbate as normal – you do not need to restrain yourself. All you need to do is move slowly through the various phases of arousal and take a mental note of where you are on the pleasure scale. You need to become really familiar with defining which level you’re at and how close you are to leaving the plateau stage by going past number 8 on the scale. That’s vital.

At first, it’s best to simply determine which of the 3 stages you’re in – 1,2 or 3 (refer to the diagram of the pleasure scale). Once you’re happy with doing that, try to specifically define your changing state of arousal using the 10 levels on the left hand side of the scale. This improves accuracy and will help you later on when you come to learn some advanced techniques.

Back to the exercise at “hand”. You’ll be halfway up the pleasure scale, at number 5, when you feel you’re midway between being erect but not really aroused, and actually ejaculating. From there, you can break down the other levels and assign your level of sexual stimulation to each one accordingly.

Arousal Boosters-Continue to Masturbate As NormalPay most attention to how you feel at levels 7-9. It’s around this point, during sex, that applying the techniques detailed later on will become necessary. When you feel you’ve moved up through each level of sexual arousal and made a mental note of how each one feels, you can progress to stage 3 – the peak of stimulation and finally the PoNR.

The last thing you need to concentrate on is the fine line you cross at the PoNR. Be conscious of the fact that one second you’re able to slow down masturbation and refrain from reaching orgasm, while a fraction of a second later – after passing the PoNR – you aren’t.

That concludes the first exercise in becoming aware of your personal phases of arousal and assigning each a level on the pleasure scale. When you give it a go it’s really very straight-forward. To make what you need to do even clearer, here are the key points to this first exercise.

Work out which of the 3 stages on the pleasure scale you’re in at various times throughout the exercise.

Assign each level of your arousal a number on the pleasure scale. Become used to how you feel throughout your body at each level. Make a habit of doing it, so pinpointing which level you’re at becomes second nature.

Pay attention to your breathing and how tense you feel throughout your body. Don’t try to become relaxed and change it, just note how your body naturally reacts to each stage of arousal.

Focus on how you feel at levels 7-9.

This arousal range is the most important to recognise during sex.

Be aware of the PoNR and how you suddenly lose control and ejaculate. Notice exactly how you feel just as the balance tips and you reach orgasm.

To fully understand and explore the 5 key points above, it may be best to tackle one at a time over a few different masturbation sessions. You don’t want to concentrate too much and take your focus off your arousal levels. There’s no rush, so just explore each of the points at your own speed.

Exercise B is similar to the one you’ve just read, but it serves a slightly different purpose. While exercise A allows you to gauge your level of arousal, it’s not enough on its own to allow you to become truly familiar with your body and what each stage of sexual stimulation feels like. Exercise A is effectively the introduction of learning to define which level you’re at on the pleasure scale. Exercise B builds on the same principle, while giving you a better insight into the detection of the various levels. This, in turn, will make naming your arousal level and choosing an appropriate step-down technique faster and more efficient in the future.

Arousal Boosters-Continue to Masturbate As NormalAs I just mentioned, the ins and outs of this exercise are essentially the same as in exercise A. However, it contains a few differences that are going to increase your arousal levels from the outset and speed up the approach of your orgasm. The principle of this is as follows. By upping your arousal and stimulation levels from the beginning of the masturbation session, the pace is increased and you’ll reach orgasm sooner than you did in exercise A. This allows you to familiarise yourself with your arousal levels in a tighter space of time, under slightly different circumstances.

No matter how long masturbation or sex lasts, you go through the pleasure scale in the very same way, 1-10. The difference is in how quickly you progress through each phase of arousal. By changing certain aspects of masturbation and quickening the session, you’ll be able to re-sense each arousal phase. It makes absolute sense when you think about it in a sex-orientated situation. If every sexual experience lasted 15 minutes, or 5 minutes, or 45 seconds, that’d be fine. You’d know exactly how long your plateau stage lasted, you’d be aware of how you progress through the different levels of arousal – because it’d be the same every time you had sex. But in reality, as you know, this isn’t the case. Sex can last 5 minutes if it’s a quickie on the kitchen table, or 2 hours if it’s a romantic evening in. That’s why it’s essential you’re fully able to detect which level of sexual arousal you’re in regardless of the circumstances. No matter how long sex lasts or who you are having it with.

This exercise allows you to learn that skill, which really isn’t that tricky once you’ve explored it a few times. 99% of guys are simply unaware of the facts we’ve just covered, so get pretty lost in bed – not knowing if they’re 30 seconds or 10 minutes away from ejaculation.

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