Andropause – Fact or Fiction

Andropause is one of the biggest controversies in the medical world these days. It is a common subject in debates, conventions and papers. The argument is whether it really exists.

What Is Andropause?

Penis EnlargementThe term andropause has been used since the 1940s. Some refer to it as male menopause because the symptoms and effects are similar to the effects of menopause on female. Others doubt its existence.

This condition is blamed to the lower levels of testosterone as man ages. Normally, male menopause may be experienced starting at the age of 45.

Cause of Andropause

In a study conducted by Doctor Andrea Garolla at the University of Padua in Italy, results point to falling testosterone levels as the main cause of men menopause. This hormone also plays an important role erectile dysfunction.

Symptoms of Menopause

Surprisingly, there is no physical symptom in the male counterpart of menopause. This is why diagnosis stands to be challenging. While there are standard menopause physical symptom for women, it is total opposite for men. There are no universal symptoms for the condition. This is why the medical experts are still debating on whether it exists or not.

Effects of Andropause

As mentioned earlier, there are similarities between andropause and menopause especially when it comes to the effects. Some effects are mood swings, weight gain, depression, heart disorders and plummeting libido.

Treatments for Andropause

While doctors are discussing their take on the matter – whether andropause exists or not – men who believe they are suffering from menopause started to look for treatments or solutions. Men will not sit back and relax or wait for the doctors to discuss if it exists. They experience the changes described when andropause was introduced decades ago.

Since it is believed to be caused by a lower testosterone level, the only logical solution is bio identical hormone replacement therapy. Lativio Product Manager Nathan Church said that he is aware that a high demand for their products is due to the problems that additional testosterone can solve. Patients are experiencing loss of libido and having trouble with erection.

Treatment options like hormone replacement therapy pose a risk though. Surprisingly, most men are ready to take this risk just to get rid of this condition called andropause.

One of the biggest controversies gripping today’s medical world is the subject of andropause. Doctors are taking sides with one school of thought or another and furiously debate at conventions and in papers if this male version of the menopause exists, what symptoms should be taken into account during the diagnose process and what treatments are effective. There is no consensus at the moment and the search still goes on for an explanation that fits all the facts.

Penis Enlargement“The determinants of “aging” and of “life expectancy” extend from genetic and molecular determinants to the increasingly powerful forces of environmental, economical, technological and cultural globalization.” (Professor Bruno Lunenfeld, Bar-Ilan University, Israel)

Since the 1940s, the term andropause has been used to describe a condition that was considered to be similar to the female menopause. The blame for triggering this condition was laid on falling levels of the testosterone hormone from around the age of 45 onwards. Andropause was also considered to be the source of many problems faced by men past their prime, such as weight gain, heart disorders, mood swings, depression and plummeting libido.

“Our results show that testosterone has a key role in the central and peripheral modulation of erectile function [….] (Doctor Andrea Garolla, University of Padua, Italy)”

However, the condition is highly debated, with doctors doubting it even exists. The main hurdle in agreeing upon a definition of andropause is the fact that there is no clear physical symptom that could be used to diagnose the condition. While the end of menstruation is the classic tell-tale for menopause, men display no such universal symptom that could clue doctors to what’s going on. That’s why the medical world is still polarized between the two camps that argue back and forth over this issue.

Still, the medical controversy has not stopped men from looking for a way to stop or reverse the hormonal changes brought by andropause. Nathan Church, Product Manager with Lativio, says:

“Although, I am not a medical doctor, I know that increasingly men have bought our products as a result of a series of problems. These problems include loss of libido and reduced ability of on demand erections. I can only speak from my experience with our customers that their symptoms do point to a condition described as Andropause.”

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