An Example Of A Customised Kegel Routine For Control Your Orgasm

1. 100 Standard Clamps lasting half a second each, performed in quick succession.

2. 3 Squeezes lasting 45 seconds with a 10 second gap between each.

3. 5 Kegel Flutters. Draw each flutter out for as long as possible.

4. 2 Push-Out kegels lasting 10 seconds with a gap of 3 seconds between each.

5. 1 Stair Step. First, tense your PC muscle for 10 seconds, then release, then tense for 20 seconds and release. Continue increasing the rep lengths by 10 seconds until you reach 30 seconds. Leave a gap of 5 seconds between each squeeze.



An Example Of A Customised Kegel Routine For Control Your OrgasmThis customised kegel routine would be performed twice a day on Monday and Friday.

All of the information above is aimed at improving the resting potential of your PC muscle. Its resting potential is the state it’s always in. For example, if you lift weights to build strength, you’ll retain that strength all day and all night, whether you’re working out or not.

You must continue to exercise to maintain it, just as you must carry on doing kegels exercise to notice their benefits, but you carry that strength around with you wherever you go. The same applies with The PC muscle. Once you’ve been exercising it for a good while, you’ll always have the extra ability to control your orgasm the kegels have given you.

But there’s another side to using your PC muscle to control ejaculation. We’re going to take a look at it now.



First of all, a little biological science. The jolts and spasms that occur when you reach orgasm are caused by rapid involuntary contractions of The PC muscle that are initiated when your pleasure levels reach their peak. In short, controlling when your PC muscle contracts and when it remains relaxed during sex can effectively hold back the involuntary muscle spasms that cause ejaculation and enable you to extend your performance. The two fundamental control techniques that follow allow you to do this.



Tightening your PC muscle too much during sex, or at the wrong times, puts added pressure on something called the parasympathetic nerve and on your prostate.

This contributes to the build-up of orgasmic tension in your penis and can speed up the approach of your orgasm by 50% in extreme circumstances. There are two reasons men tense their PC muscle as they have sex. One is to pump more blood into the penis to keep their erection firm. The other (and most common reason) is that it’s an involuntary reaction to the arousal felt in the penis as they thrust into their partner This control exercise stops the extra pressure on the prostate and parasympathetic nerve to help you remain in the plateau stage of the pleasure scale.

1. Your goal during this exercise is to keep your PC muscle relaxed at all times – during foreplay, oral, intercourse and whatever other activities you partake in.

2. The only way to relax your PC muscle as you have sex is through solid focus. Pay attention to the slight contractions and twitches in your PC muscle as you thrust and withdraw from your partner. Every time you notice any sort of contraction or spasm caused by the pleasure, make a conscious effort to relax and re-relax your PC muscle. You can either do this by using your mind to release any tension you can feel down there, by performing a small push-out kegel, or by usinga combination of the two.

3. Keep your PC muscle relaxed for as long as you can as you move up through the different levels of the pleasure scale. You’ll notice that by the time you reach 6 or 7, even if you are able to stop your PC muscle from contracting, there will be signs of the building orgasmic tension in the base, shaft and tip of your penis. It’s at this point that you can use the second PC muscle control technique to return you to a safer arousal level, where you’re able to once again relax your PC muscle  by using this method.



An Example Of A Customised Kegel Routine For Control Your OrgasmAs I just mentioned, you can’t go on pumping away during sex with a relaxed PC muscle without the orgasmic tension becoming noticeable at some point. What keeping your PC muscle from contracting does is prolong the amount of time it takes for the tension to become evident and a problem. Once you begin to feel the strong pleasure sensations throughout your penis, and as you start to climb the pleasure scale more rapidly than you’d like, use this method of self-control.

1. As soon as you feel the first signs of strong orgasmic tension in and around your penis, clamp down hard with your PC muscle. This will essentially kill the build-up of tension by forcing a PC muscle contraction. Hold the kegel squeeze for around 5 seconds then relax it and keep it relaxed. Don’t allow it to re-contractunless you feel it’s necessary in keeping ejaculation at bay.

2. Continue thrusting and pumping as normal. Resume using control exercise one, by focussing on keeping your PC muscle relaxed.

3. Repeat step 1 of this exercise when you feel the orgasmic tension return, this time tensing for slightly longer – around 7 seconds. Once again, return to using the first control technique.

Both of these PC muscle control techniques will be mentioned later aon in the Sex Itself chapter, where all of the self-control information we’ve covered so far will be combined into a complete ejaculatory control approach. But before that, we’re going to go over a few techniques that, practised enough, will increase your ability to decide when you ejaculate even further.

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