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To most men, good head is delivered best when their partners swallow their slurry sperm. But let's face it getting good head is sometimes quite difficult to get, what's more is getting your sperm swallowed. It is actually quite difficult to convince your girlfriend or even your wife to swallow your cum. It is, at times, close to impossible. And if in any case, you got lucky, the next complains will be, "I don't like the way it tasted." or "Its consistency does not make me comfortable." When this happens, the least you can do is try make your sperm more acceptable for your partner's palate.

let's understand the real motive we likely share in wanting to have our semen taste better. Namely, that we want our partners to be even more receptive to it and enjoy it more themselves. That my friend is my motivation and I'm quite certain that it is likely yours too. I trust I don't have to go into any graphic detail as to what I'm talking about and your imagination may even be more vivid than mine!
So, how can you make this happen? The answer is……

YummyCumSemen Taste Enhancer


YummyCumSemen Taste Enhancer


Yummy Cum is a magical formula that has been specifically designed to improve the flavour of your sperm and semen, making it irresistible for your partner too not want to taste it. It has been engineered with only the best fruit extracts which work in such a way that they improve the sweetness and texture of sperm and semen. We have conducted many test’s on Yummy Cum and we had a 95% improvement rate. Which means out of 100 people that we performed our tests on , 95 five of them said that the semen had improved it's flavor by at least 3 times.
It is in pill form which makes it easy to take for making your cum taste sweet. It functions in conjunction with your body system to enhance the sweetness of your ejaculation. With respect to science, it is a known fact that some particular foods and potables can influence the manner your bodily fluids, consisting of semen, spit and perspiration, smell and taste.


•Pineapple extract       250mg
•Acai extract            150mg
•Wheatgrass extract      100mg
•Cinnamon               40mg

Pineapple is confirmely one of the top aphrodisiacal fruits that enhances your sexual desire. Frequently, low sex drive is caused by vitamin deficiency in your organism. Acai Berry extract is an excellent libido booster for you. Brazilians have built a veritable tradition from adding Acai berries extracts in sexual energy drinks. Studies conducted upon the effects of this natural resource have shown that Acai Berry enhances fertility and sperm quality, whereas the Wheatgrass extract generates a creamier texture of your sperm.


YummyCum has no known side effects, however if you do experience any adverse effects stop taking immediately and consult with your doctor.
A study carried out on 50 partners revealed that 100% of the ladies whose man took this supplement reported an improvement in the taste of their man's sperm. This shows that this product works for improving the taste, flavor and aroma of semen. Yummy cum is free from any form of side effects, meaning that it is safe to take.
YummyCum is a completely natural product based on the most efficient herbal extracts for your sperm health and proper sexual function. Yummy Cum is a semen taste enhancer which any man can take to make the taste of their semen better. It is produced using extracts from potent fruits and natural antioxidants. Yummy Cum will enhance the aroma, sweetness and flavor of your cum. Yummy Cum is a magical formula that has been specifically designed to improve the taste of your sperm and semen, making it irresistible for your partner too not want to taste it.


The most powerful results is gotten from this product when you consume 2 pills per day using a cup of pure water. If you do not like this idea of taking this pill everyday, then you can take it when you need it. Three hours before you engage in sexual activity, simply take up to 6 pills of yummy cum and your partner will experience result when she tastes your sperm. It does not take time for this pill to work. You will get result on your first day of using yummy cum and it will still be patent even after five days.

Yummy Cum is 100% natural product. It is a supplement, not a medicine.
You don’t need prescription to take it. It’s safe and tested.
The pills contain concentrated spice and fruit extracts, and natural anti oxidants.

Results will be noticeable within 24 hours, but it can take up to 7 days to hit optimal flavor levels. We suggest you tell your girl to "test" the flavor every day so you know it's working


•90% of men`s semen consists in seminal fluids including water, fructose protein (sugar), traces of minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Thus, the increased levels of this substances in your body provided by the natural ingredients in Yummy Cum pills will make your sperm taste sweeter.  
•The rest of 10% is divided between mainly protecting substances that ensure the motility of semen and only 1% sperm. Yummy Cum pills guarantee the enhancement of your sperm volume and health, by this also increasing your fertility.  
As all other herbal remedies, Yummy cum has no short-term or long-term side effects whatsoever and is perfectly safe. Independent studies have proven the effectiveness of the product with all the women participating in the studies confirming that their partner’s semen taste had changed from “OK” and “normal” to “tasty” and “delicious”.

YummyCum is specifically designed to optimise the flavour of your cum, it has been engineered with only the most potent fruit concentrates which work to improve the sweetness and  overall flavour of sperm and semen. It also contains many other benficial traits, including anti-oxidants, and vitamins to help your body stay a good healthy state.

Once a woman tastes your new improved man milk, she will defiantly be back for more!

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