The Pc Muscle

The pubbocxygennus muscle, commonly referred to as the PC muscle, is one in a group of pelvic floor muscles present in both men and women. In men, it stretches from the pubic bone at the front to the tailbone at the back and cradles the internal sexual organs. It has several uses, including playing an important role in bladder control and urinary continence. But what we’re going to be looking at in this chapter is how toning the PC muscle and learning how to use it properly can increase your ejaculatory control by over 300%. That’s not a typo. Having a well-toned, strong PC muscle as well as being able to use it well during intercourse is one of the best physical ways of improving the control of your orgasm.


Many men are truly surprised when they find out how much of an impact their PC muscle has on their sexual performance and ejaculation response. Here are just a few of the effects having an average or below average PC muscle can have on your sexual abilities.

The Pc muscle

Erections that subside easily and are difficult to maintain.

• Weak ejaculations that result in “dribbling” and little orgasmic pleasure for the male.

• Being less able to detect and control arousal and pleasure sensations in the penis, which leads to a build-up of orgasmic tension and finally premature ejaculation.

• Having to wait for long periods of time between ejaculations to “recharge” your sex batteries.

No wonder the PC muscle is often referred to as the fountain of male sexual youth. Each and every effect of having a poorly toned PC muscle hinders your ability to sexually perform for long periods of time and be in full control of when you finish. The great news is, every single man can improve their PC muscle and in turn reverse each of the above effects. They can:

• Develop stronger, rock-hard erections that don’t disappear after 10 seconds of taking a break.

PC muscle is often referred to as the fountain of male sexual youth

• Have ejaculations and orgasms that are more pleasurable and pleasurable, as well as turning the “dribble” effect of semen into a more forceful, long-distance shooting style.

• Improve their ability to detect the arousal level in their penis. Couple this with the new knowledge acquired in the Know your body, Know Yourself chapter and you double the effectiveness of the self-awareness technique.

• Shorten the amount of time needed to regain their sexual energy after ejaculation. Then, get an erection and begin sex again.

“All of this from simply improving your PC muscle’s health?” You may be asking. The answer is yes – all of those positive changes in your sexual prowess can be achieved by toning the PC muscle and learning how to use it during sex to extend your performance.

But how do you go about exercising an internal muscle such as the pubbocxygennus? The answer: you use an appropriate, tried and tested technique.

If you’re looking to build muscle, you lift weights. You want to improve strength in your legs while giving yourself an effective aerobic workout? You use one of those fancy rowing machines. You want to tone your PC muscle and improve practically every aspect of your sexual endurance and ejaculatory control? Then you thank Dr Arnold Kegel for inventing a simple exercise that does just that. It’s aptly named after the man himself.

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