The Complete Ejaculatory Control Approach

We’ve come a fairly long way through the world of self-control and sexual mastery since I first started to tell you about the many causes of Premature Ejaculation. We’ve also covered many techniques, discussed numerous approaches, and laid out half a dozen powerful control methods since the beginning of this manual.

You should already have a solid grasp of the techniques and theories we’ve looked at, but in this final section we’re going to take it one step further. I’m going to show you how everything I’ve told you about fits together in a real-world sexual situation. Not on the pages of a pompous sexual know-it-all glossy magazine, or the frames of a seedy porno flick. No, how you use this stuff in your real life to improve your sexual health and extend your sexual performances in bed, time and time again with complete reliability and multi-orgasmic results for you and your partner.

The first thing I’m going to do is detail everything we’ve covered so far and explain how it all fits together inside a love-making session. Then, I’ll describe an imaginary sex situation where each arousal control technique is used at the right times to extend the sexual performance of our imaginary friend Mike. That’s the guy who wasn’t keeping his eyes off the prize earlier in this manual., remember?

Okay. Let’s begin.


These are the methods of self-control that form a solid platform for the rest of your sexual encounter. They consist of Preparatory Breathing to relax and focus your body and mind, and the resting potential of a strong, toned PC muscle. Other things used to increase the resting potential of your sexual stamina are the nutritional benefits of natural food and ensuring none of the negative areas covered in the cause and effect chapter are present before you begin sex.


The primary control techniques are methods of further relaxing your mind and body while preventing the build-up of orgasmic tension. They are PC muscle control exercise one an d two and the eyes off the prize mental relaxation technique (bringing yourself into the present).


These are the techniques used to lower your pleasure level. They are arousal step- down methods B-D and the other large arousal step-down technique of position changes (A).


Tertiary techniques are the extras in the second section of this chapter, such as bracing your feet, using more lube and using a proper sexual entry style. Unlike the arousal techniques that are used to rapidly lower your pleasure levels, these tertiary methods simply prevent the build-up of orgasmic tension by limiting stress and extra or unnecessary stimulation.

So, that’s every technique we’ve talked about so far listed in its appropriate control category. Don’t worry about remembering which are primary, secondary or tertiary though. All you need to do is practice each method of self-control and be able to recall and use them during sex. As I mentioned a minute ago, I’m now going to describe how you, or any guy who’s read this manual, might put the information to good use during sex to lengthen and improve their performance. Something that’s worth mentioning here is that you DO NOT need to pack every technique contained in this manual into every sex session you may have. When you’re familiar with all of the techniques, you’ll be able to pick and choose which ones work the best for you. What follows is what you might consider a perfect application of everything we’ve covered. And this is where we bring in Mike.

Mike is an average height and an average weight. He’s read this manual and practised the techniques it contains. He’s also halfway through the 14 week PC muscle improvement course. Now onto the scene comes Sally, a big-busted, friendly girl with the kind of deep blue eyes that used to drive Mike’s pleasure levels through roof the second he locked onto them during sex. But, as we know, he’s now armed with something he didn’t have before – an advanced knowledge of sexual self-control.

Fast forward to the simple evening meal Mike has laid on for Sally. That’s right, for dessert they’ve got a big bowl of vanilla ice cream. Every edge you can get, remember. Alright, lunchtime’s over and things in the Mr Mike household are beginning to get a little steamy. They move into the bedroom.

Right from the get-go, Mike avoids doing what he always used to – instead of realising sex was about to happen and beginning to think about some of the negative premature endings of past sexual encounters, he begins to focus. Already he’s using the eyes off the prize mental relaxation method. In the bedroom now, sitting on the edge of the bed. Mike and Sally are doing some pre-sex chatting. Mike begins to do some Preparatory breathing. Not gasping or heaving huge obvious breaths, just calmly and casually (while Sally is completely unaware) he does some deep breathing to loosen any tense muscles and free his mind and body of any sexual anxiety. The thing is, any nervous thoughts in Mike’s mind are already lessened by 2 things. The extra sexual knowledge he now has, and knowing that his stamina has already improved from performing kegel routines and 2 types of edging during masturbation.

Okay, the chit-chat is over and foreplay has begun. Mike continues to do deep breathing whenever he can to stay calm and focussed. Once things have progressed a bit further, Mike uses another preventative control measure by stimulating his penis with his hand and allowing Sally to do the same. This, if you remember, allows him to become used to the new stimulation gradually, so the shock of intercourse doesn’t barrel-roll him into the upper echelons of the pleasure scale.

Moving on once more, it’s time for Mike to enter Sally. He recalls the best way to do this – insert his penis slowly, pause for 2 seconds, then pullout and push back in to diffuse the new pleasure sensation further.

After 30 seconds or so, he builds the tempo and the sex gets into full swing. No problems so far – his relaxation techniques, stimulation limiters and strong PC muscle have done him proud.

2 minutes of highly satisfying sex passes and Mike, who’s constantly monitoring his arousal level in the back of his mind, realises he’s starting to peak a little early. He’s a high 6 and they’re still in their first position. So he takes action. As it is, after all, the first position they’ve used and because he’s not left the plateau stage yet, he decides to use the “Refocus the sexual pleasure” technique. He does just that; he slows down the thrusting tempo and pleasures some of Sally’s other erogenous zones in the way we talked about earlier. Then, after half a minute or so, he gradually ups the tempo again.

All the while during this position, Mike has been limiting the build-up of orgasmic tension in his penis by using PC muscle control technique 1 – the relax method. So time moves on and Mike decides a position change is in order. It’ll not only give him time to rebalance his arousal level, but also liven up the sex and in turn pleasure Sally further. Mike decides to move from Missionary to Cowgirl, using the transition detailed in this manual. It’s the first time he’s tried it, so it’s a but clumsy, nevertheless, they both laugh it off and resume sex in Cowgirl.

Sex continues and all is going well. Sally’s having the time of her life and it’s pretty clear ending this thing now would be a bad idea. Mike knows this, so uses PC muscle control technique 2 (the clamp and relax method) to kill the building orgasmic tension in his penis. He couples this technique with some Live Action Breathing to further control his arousal level and avoid leaving the plateau stage of the pleasure scale too soon.

3 or 4 minutes later, Mike notices Sally is getting a bit tired from being the Cowgirl on top. So, he takes this opportunity to initiate another position change, this time, into Doggy. Once there, Mike’s in the perfect position to once again refocus the sexual pleasure onto Sally’s erogenous zones, by leaning over and caressing her neck, ears and lower back. At the same time, he uses slow, deep thrusts (arousal control method D) to reduce the intense stimulation of his penis head and to stimulate Sally externally with his pubic bone.

As the sex continues, Mike carries on using a combination of arousal step-down techniques and mind/body relaxation methods to stay in control of his arousal level. 55 minutes and at least 2 orgasms from Sally later, Mike decides he’s ready to cash in on some orgasmic bliss himself. He steps up the tempo of the sex and works his way up the pleasure scale

– for the first time in his adult life, guilt free, knowing he’s put in the great, lengthy performance the woman he is with was craving. He passes his PoNR to experience a satisfaction he’s never encountered before. They both roll over. A post-sex warming glow from two deeply satisfied people ensues.

So there you have it. That was the ideal application and result of every technique I’ve told you about. It was the ideal. That is exactly the goal you’re heading for, and the destination you will reach if you practice all that’s contained in this manual enough and with that positive mental attitude I mentioned right back at the beginning of this whole thing.


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