Step Down Technique

Now, onto the next arousal step-down technique.



Step Down TechniqueIf changing positions is impractical, or simply something you don’t want to do because you and your woman are enjoying the current position too much, you can use an alternative arousal step-down technique to take control of your pleasure level.

This technique uses the art of teasing to both stimulate the female and simultaneously allow you to take a short break from the constant stimulation of thrusting. Here’s how to do it.

When, during intercourse, you’re once again peaking a little too early in terms of your state of arousal, slow the tempo of your thrusts down and casually pull-out of her vagina. Continue to caress her using your mouth to take the attention away from her nether regions. Then, after a couple of seconds, slowly and sensuously glide back inside her. Do this a couple more times, pullout…and teasingly glide back in. Once you feel you’re back at a better level on the pleasure scale, resume thrusting with slow, deep strokes. Don’t go from teasing to pumping like crazy in 2 seconds, because the two styles contrast too much. Simply build the tempo gradually.



Sex isn’t just about thrusting, pumping and pivoting. This step-down method takes the focus off the intercourse and redirects it to other parts of the female anatomy – onto her other erogenous zones. Which zones you’ll work on will be dictated by the sex position you’re in.

• Back of her neck: If you’re in doggy, lean over her and softly kiss the back and sides of her neck. Just as you did in the last step-down technique, slow the tempo of the thrust down to one or two strokes every 5 seconds. By itself, this pace slow down wouldn’t be too great, but coupled with the redirection of pleasure to the female’s other erogenous zones, it’s a real winner.

Step Down Technique• Her ears: There are a ton of nerve endings around her ears, making them ultra-sensitive to your touch. Once again, if you’re in Doggy or a similar position, kiss and caress her ears. Don’t tongue them, or get all sloppy. Use a light touch and be sensuous

• Her scalp: “Her scalp?!” I hear you cry. Don’t worry, I haven’t gone all dermatologist on you. Women play with their hair because it feels good, it’s not just a nervous habit. Run your fingers through it as you’re kissing her, or, simply caress her scalp gently with your hand Remember to start out slow to gauge whether she likes it. Most women do.

• The small of her back: As well as being full of nerve endings, the lower back can often be an area of the female body where stress can accumulate. Run the pad of your palm slowly and gently from between her shoulder blades to the base of her back, gradually increasing the pressure as you move down her body.

You can focus on those 4 erogenous zones to take the pressure off the thrusting for a good 30 seconds and in turn lower your need to ejaculate. Be creative and cater towards what you know she already enjoys, as well as exploring new, sensitive soft spots.

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