Basic Pleasure Edging Will Make Your Orgasm Powerful

Basic Pleasure Edging Will Make Your Orgasm PowerfulBegin to masturbate. Lube, porn and any other arousal influences are optional with this exercise, so it’s up to you whether you include them. This exercise begins once you’ve entered the plateau stage of the pleasure scale (4-8).

Pay close attention to your arousal level as you masturbate. You should already be accustomed to identifying your arousal level on the pleasure scale through the use of the exercises in the Know Your Body, Know Yourself chapter.

After a few minutes of masturbating, you’ll begin to steadily climb the pleasure scale. But instead of moving through each level and approaching the PoNR, hover at number 7 for a few minutes. Do this by alternating the speed at which you masturbate and by changing where you grip your erect penis. Slow down the speed and grip lower down on your shaft to decrease your pleasure level, or increase the speed and grip closer to the head of your penis to heighten your pleasure level. Change both of these factors in whatever way is necessary to hover at number 7. If you feel yourself dripping to a 6,increase stimulation, but if you notice the orgasmic tension building to an 8 or 9, decrease the pleasure sensations.

After hovering at 7 for a few minutes, continue to steadily climb the pleasure scale by slowly increasing the speed and stimulation as you masturbate. When you reach 8, once again hover After another couple of minutes, increase the stimulation again and climb the pleasure scale. As soon as you feel you’ve reached a 9, and are very close to the PoNR, stop all stimulation of your penis completely and allow your arousal level to drop to around 6 or 7.

Basic Pleasure Edging Will Make Your Orgasm PowerfulOnce in the mid-range plateau stage (6 or 7) repeat this exercise from step 2. After climbing the scale to 9, dropping back to a 6 and re-climbing to a 9 (in other words, completing steps 2-4 twice) you can masturbate past the PoNR and end your masturbation session.

How long this exercise should take in total depends on how long your usual masturbation session last. For example, if you usually masturbate for 5 minutes, aim to complete this exercise twice in 10 minutes – twice the usual session length. If, more often than not, you masturbate to ejaculation with 2 minutes, spend 4 minutes doing this exercise twice.

Once you’ve performed this exercise 4 or 5 times over a period of about a fortnight, once again double the total amount of time taken. For example, spend 20 minutes doing this exercise twice, instead of ten. Continue to double your session times and practise edging until you are spending at least 3 times longer on this exercise than you usually spend masturbating to orgasm.

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