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Which Vitamins For Erectile Dysfunction Really Work?

Many males nowadays experience erectile dysfunction because of their lifestyle or sometimes a disease that they have. This is the reason why vitamins for erectile dysfunction are increasing in popularity. But before we discuss that, let’s discuss first the meaning of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can be defined as not being able to have or sustain erection. Many factors are attributed to this malfunction such as unhealthy lifestyle like smoking or diseases among old people. Usually, middle-aged person experience erectile dysfunction.

These men are in search of vitamins for erectile dysfunction. However, because of increasing demands of such vitamins, many opportunists take advantage of this and market or sell fake vitamins that they claim have positive effects on impotence.

Here are some examples of vitamins that were said to have positive effects on erectile dysfunction.

DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone is said to be effective when it comes to combating impotence. Males who are having problems with erection usually have low blood levels of this hormone. An experiment was conducted among 40 men who have low DHEA level. Half of them were given 50mg of DHEA and the other half was given placebos. The results confirmed that this vitamin for erectile dysfunction helps. However, there are still debates about the safety of using this vitamin, so be careful and be informed before you take in this vitamin.

Another vitamin for erectile dysfunction is arginine. Arginine is an amino acid that affects the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is necessary for men with erectile dysfunction problem. It widens blood vessels so that blood can flow easily, thus, causing an erection. There was also an experiment conducted to test men with erectile dysfunction. In the first trial which lasted for two weeks, 15 men took in 2800 mg of arginine in a day. However, only 6 of them had improvement in their erection. In the second trial which has larger sample and which lasted for 6 weeks, participants had to take in 1670 mg of arginine every day. The results revealed that if men have unusual metabolism of nitric oxide, this vitamin for erectile dysfunction will have a more positive effect than if the men have normal metabolism of nitric oxide. On the one hand, there is not yet an established data about the level or degree of effectiveness of arginine. But on the other hand, there are many researches that say that arginine will most likely help men with erectile dysfunction.

Combining one kind of L-carnitine, propionyl-L-carnitine, and acetyl-L-carnitine is the another vitamin for erectile dysfunction. This helps older people who have erectile dysfunction related to low level of testosterone. The amount of these vitamins that one should take in is 2 g for each vitamin. These two vitamins have more positive results when it comes to increasing testosterone level than medications for low level of testosterone.

The last example of vitamins for erectile dysfunction that might really help is Pycnogenol, a substance found in Pinus pinaster, a kind of tree. If given 120 mg every day, this might just improve your sexual intercourse with your partner.

One should not be afraid or ashamed of having erectile dysfunction because nowadays, people have many options that can help them beat or overcome erectile dysfunction.

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