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Useful Homemade Impotence Remedies

Erectile Dysfunction Remedies – Homemade remedies are becoming a popular treatment method for many. This is because the remedy is natural, effective, easy to administer and make. Homemade impotence remedies are of great preference due to the shame associated with this disorder. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions that can be administered, most of which are result oriented.

– Garlic and onion:
The most common remedy is garlic cloves. A daily diet with garlic is advisable for any man with erectile dysfunction. Alternatively, chewing about three cloves of uncooked garlic will do the trick. Weakened reproductive organs and a low libido will cause impotence. However, white onions are helpful in enhancing sexual drive and strengthening sexual organs.

Erectile Dysfunction Remedies

– Asparagus roots:
These are considered as an aphrodisiac and one of the easiest impotence remedies to concoct. The asparagus roots need to be dry. You can purchase them in most vegetable markets though they are termed as Safed Musli. Take a cup of milk and boil 15 grams of the Safed Musli in it. Drink the solution twice a day, regularly.

– Dried fruit:
Fruit can be both nutritious and medicinal. Pistachios, dates, quince seeds and almonds are natural remedies of impotence. Form a mixture of these dried fruits and consume them daily. Additionally, regular intake of fresh fruit, vegetables, grains and nuts is just as effective in curing impotence.

– Drumstick flowers:
These come in powder form and can be prepared in a number of ways to create a remedy. Make a soup using either milk or water. Mix 120 grams of the drumstick flowers with 0.5 liters of water. Let it boil for half an hour. Otherwise, you can mix 15 grams of the powder in boiled milk. Use about 250 ml of milk. Another remedy is using drumstick flowers and mixing them with honey to form a paste. Take this mixture three times a day.

– Ginseng:
Incorporate Ginseng in your meals to come up with a homemade cure for impotence. Ginseng, along with chickweed and plantains are impotence remedies for hormonal disorders. Furthermore, Ginseng helps increase sexual desire, drive, erection sustenance and sperm production.

Erectile Dysfunction Remedies

– Ginger:
You can formulate ginger juice using a Juicer. If the juice is available at the store, purchase some and mix half a teaspoon of it, some honey and half a boiled egg. Take this to cure impotency as well as spermatorrhea.

– Raisins:
Black raisins and a glass of warm milk daily is yet another simple homemade remedy for erectile dysfunction. Start out with 30 grams of the raisins and gradually increase it to 50 grams.

– Carrots:
These are not only good for eyesight and other nutritional needs, but for impotence as well. They are good for sexual endurance when taken with a tablespoon of honey and half a boiled egg.

– Ladyfinger root powder:
Learn how to make impotence remedies using Ladyfingers. Mix two teaspoons of Mishiri in a glass of milk containing about 10 grams of ladyfinger root powder. Drink this for sexual stamina.

– Oats:
These can be purchased from any grocery store. They are good for men suffering from primary impotence brought on by psychological factors.

There are more homemade remedies that can be used to cure erectile dysfunction. It is important to be well-informed before taking any remedy to ensure you take the right thing. Enquire from your health physician or read about the remedies before formulating them. Even though homemade remedies mostly have no side effects, be sure not to ingest any impotence remedies that you may be allergic to. Know the ingredients used to make any remedy before you consume it.

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