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Sex, Drugs and Rock N’ Roll

You know you like this title because everyone likes this saying. “Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll,” is a mantra that introduces everyone to the idea to being a part of the “In Crowd”. The “in crowd” you ask? The “in crowd” that every one of us at some point has stood by and watched the “in crowd” at their local bar along with the best girls, the best parties, and the best after parties. Now just admit it, you’ve been pondering what it would be like to live this lifestyle even before I began writing this article haven’t you?

Well if you have thought about this before, you are sharing the same dreams of almost all other men that want a better, more fulfilling lifestyle. But first you need to break out of your shell and be free of all boundaries. Now think of the “you only live once motto,” then you will be half way there.

Tips to successfully be part of “That” crowd:

#1- Be the life of the party- Hard to do? Probably; the only purpose of this article is to force you to break out of your shell. So let’s think of a few methods…hmmm… Don’t be afraid of being social maybe?

  • Start talking to anyone and everyone at the bar!
  • Don’t get drunk but be a little loud instead. Strike up conversation with as many people as possible.
  • A bit expensive perhaps, but share the bill with your soon to be friends. Buy drinks for the people you meet and have good company with. The more open you are to new people, the more people you will meet. And the more people you begin to build friendships with, the more probable you will be introduced to the single woman “friends”. Women are attracted to men who know more people and project themselves as included with the so called “in crowd.”

#2 – Big Money, Money, Money, Money- But you ask what if I don’t have a lot of money? No problem. You don’t have to make a six figure income per year, but you must project the image of financial stability with money to blow. Just look at your rich friends or anyone you know who is rich. Observe what they do when they go out for a big night (or better yet you can just roll with them and reap the benefits). You will soon notice that they usually project a wealthy lifestyle with their hair cuts, clothing style, and so on. Usually one can find similar type apparel in a second hand store at a fraction of the price. I recommend Ross “Dress for Less”.

#3 – Nice clubs: HOT women! So you must consider upgrading your entrance to an upper class establishment. Sure a fancier club has it’s own share of setbacks as well…..financially speaking! Drinks are expensive and so are the Women. But to combat this, there are two things you must do:

  1. Pre-game- We all overlook considering this, but due to a substantially high markup in bigger clubs, you will want to consider drinking a shot or two before you depart to save the thinning of your wallet once arrived there.
  2. The Woman! Unfortunately we cannot save money on them, just like the saying goes, “you stay, you pay.” You have to open up the wallet when you’ve finally made it to the club in case you meet someone and eventually decide to buy her a drink.
  3. In addition to this, you must learn to tip your bartender extra well for the first couple of rounds while getting to know them like they’re your best friend and like they are the best in the biz. Eventually you’ll notice the bartender mixing your drinks strong so you won’t be forced to buy as many. Just remember, if you’re in good with the bar tender, you hold a considerable advantage over the majority of your male competitors encountered at your local club or bar.

Overall, to be part of the “in crowd,” and to meet beautiful women, you must behave like you own the place. Socializing with everyone and working the crowd is a major factor in this situation. Representing an attention buff and looking like you can buy a drink for everyone is a great way to boost your success also. At the end of the night, you will be buzzing off of good vibes from meeting new friends and even more beautiful women.

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