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Natural Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: Tongkat Ali Review

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) comes from a shrub that is native to Indonesia and Malaysia. The bark and roots of the plant are harvested and turned into an extract that is used as a natural treatment for low sex drive and infertility.

In the U.S. natural remedy is promoted as an herbal Erectile Dysfunction Pills that has the ability to increase penis size and levels of testosterone.

Does this herbal remedy really work this way?

Penile Size – this is probably more myth than anything. The size of the penis can temporarily shrink and then expand at any given time due to many factors. This potent herb may temporarily increase the size of your manhood as a result of testosterone stimulation, but there’s no proof that this is permanent.

 erectile dysfunction treatment

Testosterone – Here is where tongkat ali benefits for men appear to have some relevance. Research studies on rats clearly show that the animals had definite increases in sperm count and testosterone after being given a version of this root extract.

Increased Sex Drive – Researchers observed that rats that were given a variation of this natural herbal extract were more interested in having sex with female rats than their counterparts that got the placebo.

What does it do in addition to stimulating the libido?

In Southeast Asia there are several health benefits that are thought to be had by including the herb in medicinal preparations. They also use it to treat such conditions as boils, diarrhea, dysentery, fever and wounds. There is no Western medical studies that can verify its effectiveness for these uses.

Tongkat Ali and ED

In Southeast Asia both the Indonesian and Malaysian harvested preparations are extremely popular aphrodisiacs for men.

In the U.S. tongkat ali supplements have become popular with men that want to treat their ED the natural way. Also, powder formulations featuring this herb are very popular with bodybuilders.

Human studies on the effectiveness of tongkat ali are scant. However, Dr. Ismail Tamby of the Human Reproduction Specialist Center in Kuala Lumpur found that this natural herbal remedy does have a positive impact on increased sexual desire. He states, “I was very skeptical at first about this type of thing, using some plant to change hormone levels. But I did some work with it and tongkat ali turned out to be highly potent.” He goes on to say, “The men found that tongkat ali boosted their sex drive quite a lot. I think that for low libido, tongkat ali extract is very valuable.”

As far as authentic and honest user reviews of these products online, there are very few anecdotal experiences from men that have used it. A few guys report that they did indeed get a significant libido enhance after taking it. One man reports feeling nauseous with no obvious benefits. Another talks about it increasing his feelings of aggression and anger at the slightest incidents.

As far as quality is concerned, it will probably take trial and error to find the best tongkat ali extract that works for you.

Dosage Amount

Are you wondering – how much of this potent natural herb you should take?

It should always be taken orally. There doesn’t seem to be a standard dosage amount for taking tongkat ali extract in either capsule or powder form. It is best to use caution and start by taking a low dose to see how it affects you.

 erectile dysfunction treatment

Being that this is considered a nutritional supplement, quality varies from one vendor to the next. Taking a tongkat ali supplement in the U.S. seems to be a hit or miss experience.

Some of those taking it recommend that it should be taken in cycles of on days/weeks and off days/weeks. This isn’t something that should be taken everyday.

Common Side Effects

Easy to Anger
Enlarged Prostate
Excessive Energy
Facial Flushing
Increased Aggression
Increased Body Temperature
Increased Heart Rate
Testicular Pressure

Do Not Take if You Have These Conditions

Breast Cancer
Heart Disease
High Blood Pressure
Liver Disease
Low Blood Sugar
Prostate Cancer
Sleep Apnea
Weakened Immune System

Never Take This Herb with Blood Pressure Medication

For some men, tongkat ali is considered to be the next best thing to taking a prescription medication for ED. If you are considering taking this herb, use it in moderation and be aware of any possible side effects. Always consult your doctor when taking a stimulating herbal supplement while taking prescription medication.

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