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Male Enhancement Pills For Better Sex – 10 FAQs

There are many self-proclaimed effective sexual supplements that promised improved sexual performance, bigger and stronger penis, increased sexual drive and stamina etc. However, many of these male enhancement supplements are actually a faux and in some cases, taking those supplements can carry potential harmful side effects. There are simply so many interesting male enhancement pills in the market that can make choosing a suitable and effective one a difficult choice to make. This article provides 10 frequently asked questions that were gathered from different men I came across when choosing the ideal product to meet their required sexual supplement needs.

Better Sex Male

1. Are male enhancement pills designed to increase penis size?

Girth and length of the penis are important areas when talking about increasing penis size. However, not all Better Sex Male pills are designed to increase both the girth and the length of the penis. Most of the male enhancement pills actually just increase male libido especially for men who have erectile dysfunctional problems. It is therefore important to do a thorough check on the brand of male enhancement pills you are looking at to see if it specifies increasing penis size in terms of length or girth.

2. Can I take male enhancement pill if I am also using other sexual enhancing contraptions?

The simple answer would be yes. Male enhancement pills can go safely with external sexual enhancing contraptions like penis extender gadgets or penis rings. Do however be sure that your doctor approves of the male enhancement pill especially if you have an existing medical condition or have been prescribed other drugs.

3. How do such pills help in improving sexual performance?

They typically work by improving and increasing the blood flow and pressure to your penis. When the penis tissues are filled up with blood, the penis will become larger and a stronger and harder erection can be obtained. They may also have ingredients that cause an increase in Better Sex Male and stamina in men to help them perform better in bed.

4. Do they have side effects?

Not all of the pills for sexual enhancement in the market are as effective as they claimed. Some could certainly cause harmful side effects especially if they are not approved by qualified doctors. Others might produce mild side effects like headaches, giddiness, insomnia and uncontrolled trembles.

5. Are these side effects unusual and what should I do when I encounter them?

These mild side effects are nothing to seriously worry about. In fact, they can be quite normal especially when you just started to take the male enhancement pills. This is due to the body making adjustments to the new drug introduced to the body. After a couple of days, when the body is adjusted, there should be no side effects experienced.

6. What if I persistently experience these side effects even after days of taking the product?

It is important to check with your doctor when you encountered such symptoms persistently even at small dosage of the male enhancement pills. Your doctor can then prescribe you with a different pill that will suit your health condition.

Better Sex Male

7. How can I see the effect of taking such male enhancement pills?

If the pill you selected is really the real stuff, you should be able to see marked improvements in your sexual performance after days of taking it. You should also consult your doctor if he is the one who prescribed the pills or to find out from the product description or labels as they do indicate the information on when you can expect to experience results.

8. What age group of men is suitable to take these male enhancement pills?

It is recommended that only adults take such pills. Teenagers are still in the stage of developing their body especially their sexual organs. Taking such pills might disrupt the normal hormonal changes and interfere with their natural development. Adults in mid twenties onwards can safely take these pills as long as they do not have other medical conditions and are basically fit and healthy.

9. What do these pills contain?

Effective male enhancement pills contain potent ingredients that are proven to increase sexual libido. Most should also consist of natural herbs that are proven to improve sexual drive and stamina. Some of the common substances include Ginseng, zinc and essential vitamins and minerals.

10. Where can I buy these male enhancement products?

General male enhancement supplements can be obtained from your local pharmacy. More specialised ones might need a doctor's prescription. Many different pills can be bought over the internet. However a word of caution if you are buying through the internet. Make sure that what you are buying is of a reputable brand and made from high quality and proven ingredients. There should be plenty of good testimonials especially from qualified doctors and experts. They should also contain very informative description of their product. There are many faux products in the market so be careful not to be deceived.

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