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Impotence Erectile Dysfunction – Don’t Go for Self Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is a problem mostly occurring in older men in which they find it difficult to get an erection or when they do get an erection they find it difficult to hold it long enough for a satisfying sexual intercourse. Though this problem occurs more in older men it can happen at any age. It gets more intense when men cross the age of 75. This problem is caused by a wide range of factors which can all contribute to its occurrence in men at any age. High blood sugar or diabetes, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, anxiety and stress, depression, excessive consumption of tobacco or alcohol, side effects of some pills, fatigue, injuries to the spinal cord, low levels of testosterone, multiple sclerosis, stroke, radiation therapy, or prostate or bladder surgery are all factors that contribute to the occurrence of erectile dysfunction in men.

Erectile Dysfunction Surgery

You should not try to diagnose your condition of Erectile Dysfunction Surgery on your own. It is always strongly advised to seek expert help as soon as you start feeling that you are undergoing impotence. Doctors mostly diagnose this problem by asking a long list of questions that helps them arrive at the root cause. Along with that a physical exam is also taken. Your blood and urine samples will be tested to ensure all other root factors are ruled out. In more extensive cases of impotence more tests might be taken. Once all the data is gathered the doctor will analyze your situation to figure out the real root cause behind your impotence. When that is figured out the appropriate treatment for you will then be started. Your doctor might prescribe you some Erectile Dysfunction Pills to help you get instant relief from your problem.

If your situation is more extensive and frequent your doctor might recommend the injection of alprostadil directly into your penis or in your urethra. In more extreme cases you might be asked to go for treatment via vacuum pump devices, penile implants, or surgery. Whatever treatment you are given you should always try to make some effort of your own to start living a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. If you smoke the first step should be to quit smoking. Smoking causes a lot of health problems out of which one is erectile dysfunction surgery. If you drink excessively you should try cutting back on that too as it is another cause of impotence. Eating health and getting plenty of exercise also helps the body in rebuilding its natural ability to have an erection and sustain it long enough for sexual intercourse.

Erectile Dysfunction Surgery

If you are suffering some emotional problems you should sign-up for therapy sessions as soon as possible. Therapy is the best way to work your way out of what is causing you all that anxiety and stress. Stress can be caused be either work related problems or home problems. Many times men also face impotence problems when they are experiencing problems in their relationships with their partners. Being too long with one partner or being with a new partner both cause temporary impotence. All these problems need to be dealt with through therapy. Most often it is advised to go to therapy with your partner as it helps even more.

The problem with men is that they feel too embarrassed to discuss their penile problems in front of others which is why they often go far along ahead in their lives suffering from impotence without ever seeking any help. But the longer you prolong your condition the more painful your treatment will get. Therefore the minute you feel you are experiencing impotence problems you should seek the help of a doctor immediately.

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