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Great Sex – Here Are 5 Things Every Woman Wants From Her Man In The Bedroom

There are 5 things that every woman wants in the bedroom and most men do not give their women these 5 things. Therefore, it’s therefore no surprise that most men don’t sexually satisfy their women. However, if you do these 5 things for your woman, you will give her mind-blowing sexual pleasure and drive her crazy in the bedroom. Put simply — you’ll give her great sex.

5 Things Every Woman Wants From Her Man In The Bedroom (Or How To Give Your Woman Great Sex)

The first thing that all women want in the bedroom is a strong, manly, masculine sexually confident man. Women are drawn to men who are all of those things. Men like that make women want to have sex. It’s as simple as that. Women do not like wimpy, wussy guys.

The second thing a woman wants in the bedroom is a man who takes control and leads her. The reason why women want their men to take charge in the bedroom and lead them is because virtually every emotionally healthy woman is sexually submissive. Therefore, women want a sexually dominant man. And sexually dominant men take control and lead. Women respond unbelievably well to men who do this.

The third thing that women want in the bedroom is a man who can use his voice. Now, what do I mean when I say “a man who can use his voice”… I mean a man who can talk dirty. For women, sex is a very mental experience. Some women have said that the best men first make-love their minds and then make-love to their bodies. The female mind has huge potential for sexuality. In the bedroom, every woman wants their man to talk dirty and when you talk dirty to your woman – you will enhance all of the physical actions that you perform on her in the bedroom. In fact, when you talk dirty and you do it well – you will instantly increase your woman’s sexual pleasure.

The fourth thing that women want in the bedroom is a man with an imagination and a creative side. The reason why women like imaginative, creative men in the bedroom is because such men make the sex different every time and never allow it to become boring.

Fifth and finally, women want incredible sexual pleasure in the bedroom. It sounds so obvious – but many men totally fail to give their women the kind of pleasure they want. For most women, clitoral orgasms are the only type of orgasms that they’ve ever had. But the reality is that women can experience not only clitoral orgasms, but also vaginal, multiple, squirting, anal, and nipple orgasms. And some women have even had orgasms without any touching. “yes”, really – it is entirely possible to give your woman an orgasm without physically touching her.

The most important type of orgasms that you can give your woman are vaginal orgasms. First you should give her vaginal orgasms using your fingers and then aim to give her them during intercourse. When you do this, she’ll think of you as ‘the best she’s ever had’… Totally regardless of your ‘size’, staying power or previous sexual experience.

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