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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – Sudden Erectile Dysfunction – What Are the Causes and Cure?

If you’re a man and suddenly lost your ability to have an erection then don’t be scared. You’re probably having an erection dysfunction. Erection dysfunction (ED) is when you’re unable to have an erection when you’re having sex. There are numerous of psychological, physical and medical reasons why you’re having this torment, the same way that there are vast choices on Erectile Dysfunction Surgery.

Psychological causes

· Stress. Work-related stress can get in a way into your sexual life. Tensions at home or at your workplace can also be considered as reasons for ED as well as depression.

Erectile Dysfunction Surgery

· Self-consciousness during sexual intercourse. As funny as it may sound discomfort and ill at ease feelings during the act itself can lose your erection.

· Problems with your partner or sexual preferences.

Physical causes

· Bad healthy lifestyle. Too much smoking and drinking can affect your sexual competence.

· Brain or spinal injuries. If these are damage then there will be an interruption on the transfer of nerve impulse from the brain to the penis.

· Liver or kidney failure, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, radiation therapy to the testicles and prostrate/bladder surgery can also cause erectile dysfunction. Anything that affects the veins, arteries or nerves that are being delivered in the penis can impair your erection.

Medical cause

· Intake of blood pressure medicines, antidepressants, tranquilizers and antihistamines can also produce erectile dysfunction.

· Diabetes and hypertensions can cause it as well. High blood sugar and blood pressure must be avoided.

Erectile Dysfunction Surgery

If there are causes then there are certainly erectile dysfunction treatments available. For psychological causes you can either ask for a psychotherapist’s help to assess your feelings or study intimacy lessons with your partner. A complete lifestyle transformation is another of the simpler erectile dysfunction treatment. As much as you can, stay away from drugs, smoking and excessive drinking. Diet and exercise can also help a lot.

Men can also try drug therapy. It is most common Erectile Dysfunction Surgery since it’s normally done through oral medicine intake. Viagra, the first pill endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration, is the most popular drug for ED. To experience its full potential you should take in at least an hour before having sex. If you want this treatment then you should remember two vital things; one is to take the drug only once a day and another is to consult your doctor to avoid heart complications.

Another erectile dysfunction treatment under drug therapy is to self-inject the drug into the penis. Injecting causes the penis to swell up with blood hence having a stronger erection. There are also those muscle relaxants that can be rubbed on to the organ to make it engorged.

Using a vacuum device is also an alternative in erectile dysfunction treatment. This device will draw the blood in the penis and will help to expand it. You can also do this yourself but must consider your partner’s view about it.

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