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Erectile Dysfunction Surgery

Is Erectile Dysfunction Surgery Worth the Cost – Critical Things to Consider Before You Decide

Erectile Dysfunction Surgery

Has your doctor recommended you get Erectile Dysfunction Surgery? For many men this method of fixing ED is a last resort. You might have tried many remedies that haven’t worked so far but should you really get the surgery?

First of all, make sure you exhaust ALL your other options before you consent to go under the knife. There are permanent side effects to the surgery not the least of which is decreased sensitivity. After you have the surgery you will never be able to get a normal erection again. You will likely never have an orgasm again. This is not a procedure you should enter into lightly.

Erectile Dysfunction Surgery

The surgery puts inflatable implants into the penis in place of the corpus cavernosa. You then fill these with water to have an erection. You then drain them after the sex act is done. It’s not a very attractive procedure. Plus, it can have a high risk of infection and other side effects.

There are many alternatives. Make sure you’ve tried all the different medications, including herbal remedies. Some men swear that natural methods work better than medicinal ones. Also, try improving your lifestyle. Diet and exercise can go a long way towards increasing your ability to get and maintain an erection.

Don’t enter the decision to get Erectile Dysfunction Surgery lightly. You have the risk of side effects from the surgery, plus the lasting effect of never having a normal sex life again. Exhaust all your other options before you choose this one.

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