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Erectile Dysfunction Cause

Erectile Dysfunction Cause and Treatment – What Category Do You Fall Into?

erectile dysfunction cause

Why is this happening to me? If you are searching for an Erectile Dysfunction Cause, you may be asking yourself that question. Things that seem to be fine up until little bit ago. But now, you just can’t enjoy sex anymore. What’s causing it and what can you do about it?

There are several major causes of ED. The first is psychological. About one in four cases are due to psychological reasons. These can be things like stress in the relationship, anxiety, and sheer busyness.  If this is happening to you, you have a few different treatment options.

The first is to simply work on getting rid of the stress in your life.  If you can, take a nice vacation with your wife and allow yourself time to relax.  If this is not possible, try to find ways to decompress in your day to day life.  You also may want to talk to a counselor, or try herbal medicines to increase blood flow and relieve anxiety.

erectile dysfunction cause

The second cause is lifestyle related.  There are several common factors that can lead to ED.  Smoking, drinking, and high cholesterol levels all impede blood flow.  This keeps the penis from receiving adequate supplies of blood in order to get an erection.  To combat this, you must cut back on excesses, work out, and increase your blood flow.

The third cause is medical.  Certain medications can hinder your ability to get an erection.  So can certain medical conditions.  For this, you have to talk to your doctor in order to choose a treatment plan.  There are medications, herbal remedies, and even surgeries to help you maintain an erection again.

Once you know your Erectile Dysfunction Cause, you can start treatment.  Don’t wait!  Figure out what is going on and take care of the problem today!

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